Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 Launch Trailer Preps For July 11th Launch
Minecraft Story Mode Season Two

Telltale Games released the official launch trailer for Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two, which once again joins Jesse and his (or her) friends as they take on an all new adventure following the events that transpired in the first season.

The trailer picks up after things have presumably settled down and Jesse is back at the adventuring gig, spelunking and combing through caves, when Jesse happens upon a cursed gauntlet of power and can’t get it off. From there, all new dangers, adventures and challenges await Jesse and their friends.

The trailer isn’t all just cinematics, we also see that some of the story-altering choices will also make a return, including being able to pick and choose who you save and how.

Some new adventurers seem to be joining the team this time around, including Jack and his companion. There’s also some new rivals for Jesse to deal with in Beacon Town, and some new loot to uncover.

The trailer seems to end with Jesse hinting at Beacon town being under peril once more and the gauntlet being a way to save the town.

In the press release they mention that the five episodes for season two will be a standalone from the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode and it also has nothing to do with the game made by Mojang. However, Mojang is supposedly working with the fine folks at Telltale to help develop and craft the story for the second season of Telltale’s game.

The first of five episodes will be available starting July 11th next week for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac and iOS. Telltale also still has to finish off the Guardians of the Galaxy for home consoles and PC as well. They still have two more episodes to go before they round out the season.


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