Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker Releases Early 2018 For PS4, PC, Xbox One
Naruto To Boruto

During the Anime Expo 2017 event Bandai Namco revealed some new footage of the upcoming online-based team battle game, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker. The new footage was followed by a panel where Bandai discussed the game and revealed that it will be arriving on the Xbox One, PS4 and Steam in early 2018.

The news comes courtesy of DualShockers, who picked up the news coming out of this year’s AX event. The article also notes that the game is being developed by Soleil, which is supposedly a subsidiary of Valhalla Game Studios (the same studio behind Devil’s Third for the Wii U). The game will also feature dual audio for those who prefer subs over dubs, and there will also be subtitle support for additional languages, such as Polish, Russian, Spanish and German.

This news follows on the new trailer that dropped this weekend. You can check it out below, courtesy of Gamespot.

The game actually looks pretty fun. It features 4-vs-4 team battles online where various teams of players can lock horns with others in PvP online bouts in large arenas.

The other hook for the game is that players are able to run around the arena using the walls. Unlike the previous Naruto Shippuden titles you’re not just restricted into the demarcations of a circular arena or a square room. You can leap across chasms, scale the sides of walls and perform all of the dynamic aerial attacks that you’ve become accustomed to from the anime and movies.

Sadly Nintendo Switch owners will be left out of the line-up of platforms set to receive the game next year in the early half of 2018. Some people thought the game looked like “trash”, but the fighting is about par the course for the other Naruto Shippuden titles. The only downside is that it sounds like it’s an online-only game, so hopefully Bandai will clear that up before release and gamers will also have an offline mode to satiate their thirst for Naruto content.


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