New Dawn Dev Update Covers Female Indian Customization Options, Environments
New Dawn
(Last Updated On: July 3, 2017)

The survival game set during the age of discovery called New Dawn received a new update from the developers. The update covers the new female Indian customization options, some of the male customization options, and some of the environments that players can travel through.

Italian developers E-VisualSoft sent over some new screenshots and also posted up some of their progress with the development of New Dawn over on their Steam community page.

The update explains how they wanted to be able to craft environments that captured both the fear and safety elements of living in the wild and dealing with the unknown when it comes to survival. The sandbox extends to 49km2 and they’re working on everything by hand without relying on procedural generation.

The core biome will be the forest area where players can hunt animals, gather resources and food, and attempt to fight off the interlopers.

Additional biomes will also be present, but they aren’t quite going into detail just yet on what they will be like, but it’s mentioned that they will break the monotony of the forest and give players a different “mood” when it comes to exploration and adventure.

The update in the e-mail specifically talks about some of the work they’ve completed on the male and female Indian characters that players can create, giving gamers a brief look at what the models look like so far.

New Dawn - Indian Male

New Dawn - Indian Female

You’ll be able to make both male and female characters, and as you progress through the game you’ll also be able to modify your character’s face paint, clothing, and other accessories.

There’s a huge list of different features that the game will come packed with when it finally releases, but for now the team is focused on optimization and ironing out the core mechanics within the Unreal Engine 4 so that the multiplayer infrastructure is setup properly when it’s time to roll the game out to the public.

You can learn more about New Dawn by visiting the official New Dawn website.

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  • Alistair

    *off-topic* you know criminal girls or should I say censored girls-1 and NISA hell bent of heavy censored the game for.

    A. To not get a AO so they say.

    B. To get it release without getting the game banned.

    They did all these thing, well guess what after all that the game is Now banned in New Zealand even though it was out.

    Let that be a lesson for all Devs, that censorship nets you notthing, it probably make SJWs cunts happy if they can’t get a game banned they would be happy with being censored.

    It will piss off the gamers that will be happy to pay for your product, and in the end a heavy censored version get a banned all your hard work NISA didn’t work.

    You heavy censored criminal girls 2 and that too is not wanting in Germany.

    It only a matter of time criminal girls 2 is banned.

    Nice one NISA you fail is now complete.

    Edit: also it now a criminal offence to hold the game in your cupboard even you not playing it. The email to dan also advice do not download the game on your pc and other devices.

    • Didn’t know about that. Thanks for the link.