New Videos Reveal All Of Monster Hunter: World’s Weapon Types

Capcom has released two new videos showing 14 different weapons and their use in battle. The new videos run through sword and shields, dual blades, long swords, and bows. Monster Hunter: World is set to release for PS4 in Japan, while the West will gain access to the PS4, Xbox One and PC version sometime in early 2018.

If you want a quick look at each of the 14 weapons that Capcom showcased through the newly posted weapon videos, timestamps sit below for both the light and heavy weapon trailers:

Light Weapons

Heavy Weapons

The two weapon trailers come in by Monster Hunter YouTube channel, showing the above content in video form. The two videos run for two minutes plus and can be seen below.

Having played various Monster Hunter games in the past, a lot of the weapons were familiar upon first glance, I’m sure a lot of the weapon types are familiar to fans of the series, too, which is a nice touch for veterans of the series.

Moreover, each weapon can be used differently which puts player preference front and center. Team play can be bolstered greatly depending on the weapon of choice and what enemy is at hand, while other hunters can exploit a weapon’s merits during a solo run upon spending an intimate time with said weapon. In other words, one hunter’s trash is another hunter’s treasure.

As for the last piece of information that I think is cool, Capcom kicked-off a program to feature a fan made weapon to appear in-game. Participating contestants will be tasked with designing their very own weapon(s) and will have a deadline to submit their work by August 16th at 9:00 P.M. PT / midnight ET. You can visit to learn more.

Monster Hunter: World is slated to release for PS4 in Japan, and will also release in the West across PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2018.


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