Nintendo Switch Keyboard Accessory Lets You Attach The Joy-Cons
Nintendo Switch Keyboard

A new miniature keyboard is on the way for the Nintendo Switch from Cybergadget. The keyboard connects to the left and right Joy-Con controllers, allowing gamers to utilize the gyro controls and accelerometer features while also being able to type and chat when playing online games.

TechRaptor did a quick rundown of the new device, which is currently set to be made available for purchase from the Japanese version of Amazon for ¥3,758, which is just under $35 USD.

The release date of the gadget is set for September 30th, 2017 in two month’s time. It allows users to connect the left and right Joy-Con to the sides of the portable keyboard and use it while playing games. They don’t detail how it pairs up exactly with the Switch if you plan to use it wirelessly, but they suggest that it simply plugs into the Switch via USB and you can then use it for online game chats.

Additionally, the Cybergadget keyboard accessory can also be used on PC and PlayStation 4. While it may be a mini-keyboard and offer you the ability to chat on the Switch, it doesn’t have a number pad on the right side of the keyboard like a standard keyboard.

This actually isn’t that bad a concept for the Switch, but it’s more expensive than the ones for the PS4 and Xbox One. The TNP version of the mini-pad for the DualShock 4 and Xbox One is available for under $25 on Amazon. So the Switch keyboard is about $10 more than the third-party offerings on the competing machines.

Also, the Switch doesn’t have a whole lot of games right now that could take advantage of the physical mini-keyboard, making it seem like a bit of an unneeded accessory at this point.

Even still, if you figured that maybe you would want to chat it up with people when the Nintendo Network goes premium in 2018.


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