No Man’s Sky Fan Finds New Text Hinting At Something Big

Yet another piece of No Man’s Sky information has surfaced via the Waking Titan website that Sean Murray and Hello Games have published, which is better known as the alternate-reality game (ARG). However, a recent finding by a fan points to something even bigger when one types in the words “WhoIs Sentinel” into the ARG’s text-bar.

If you don’t know, the Waking Titan website has been up for a while now and not too long ago the site was updated giving fans the green light to type in commands and receive cryptic messages depending on the validity of the words input into the text-bar.

In addition to the above, fans took a go at the silent challenge and found a list of things. One of the many things found comes in by Reddit user YourBasicMaths, who typed in the words “WhoIs Sentinel” and received something in relation to the next upcoming update that is rumored to drop this August.

Before jumping into what the new text has to say, resembling the words (smashed together) “WhoIs” seems to prompt long answers to the inquirer like “WhoIs Atlas,” which brings up a short poem about No Man’s Sky’s Atlas organization lore. With that said, you can read the new finding by YourBasicMaths.

YourBasicMaths also posted this text up, although he did not list what he typed in to receive the following text:

“They found strange things in the wrecks…
aberrations, data that spoke of worlds that
do not exist and events that did not happen.
One day Specialist Polo went out to investigate
one such craft, the life signature of a
Korvax still on board. They never returned.
Is this how Nada and Polo met?
Is this how my friends found each other?
There is a signal on the console,
a warning on repeat –
sixteen short bursts of data in a loop.”

For additional info about the ARG site and the most recent progress made by the community trying to solve the mysterious cryptic messages, you can hit up the No Man’s Sky subreddit or to do some research of your own.


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