No Man’s Sky Rumored To Gain Big Update This August

No Man’s Sky is rumored to be updated next month, which would be sometime in August. The game has gone five months without a significant update and this rumored expansion could make No Man’s Sky something worth writing home about… maybe. Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4.

Notice: All of the information regarding No Man’s Sky and the rumored August update should be taken with a grain of salt given that there are no legitimate confirmations made by Hello Games or Sean Murray himself. In other words, please take this information with a grain of salt.

Catching wind from publication site GameSpot, it’s been rumored that Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky will gain a new update that will likely improve the game. As many fans should already know, it has been almost a year since the game was released on PC and PS4, and this rumored August update is said to fall in line with a one year anniversary.

According to the site it is said that the studio has been working on a crazy, mysterious alternate-reality project. The ARG kicked-off at the start of June, when moderators of No Man’s Sky subreddits received packages that contained information about “portals” and the “Waking Titan ARG.”

In addition to the Waking Titan, it was uncovered through several documents that tease development of an update coming this August for No Man’s Sky. The site mentions that the document is presented in a memo format sighed “S.M.,” noted to be the initials of Sean Murray.

GameSpot also posted this up regarding the alleged No Man’s Sky update set to drop this August:

Alongside this tease, a website went live for the in-game organization called The Atlas Foundation. The website asks for fans–which it refers to as “Citizen Scientists”–to enter their email addresses to “help understand the nature of reality itself.” Submitting your address will subscribe you to an email list and give you access to a survey with questions like, “What does it mean for a dream to be realistic?” You can also sign up through the survey for a chance to win a physical Level 4 Atlas Pass.”

No confirmation by Hello Games or Sean Murray points to this whole thing being legit, but if it is all true, would you like to see No Man’s Sky updated with a huge expansion?


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