No Man’s Sky Rumored To Receive Something Big On July 21st

A new rumor has popped up and it points to something big to go down on July 21st for Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky. As of now, the space adventure game is available to play right now across PC and PS4

Notice: All of the information surrounding No Man’s Sky and the rumored July 21st information should be taken with a pinch of salt given that there are no legitimate confirmations made by Hello Games or Sean Murray. The information below comes from the very mysterious cassette tapes, please do take this information with caution.

According to publication site N3rdabl3 it is said that the mysterious cassette tapes point to a big event to go live on July 21st. The site went on to say that…

“The Alternate Reality Game that Hello Games have been playing with No Man’s Sky players for the past month looks to be finally coming to a climax as all dates point to July 21.”

The site pointed out that specific members of the No Man’s Sky community received tapes that hold cryptic messages, as reported here before, and once decoded the tapes reveal the word “Portal”. You can read the most recent update and what the site picked up from fans that researched the situation:

“Progress has lead players to a website, which once registered, gave them access to a livestream video which hints that something big is coming on July 21, but only a select few will be able to enter.”

I’m not sure if this whole thing is legit or not, but seeing how Sean Murray and crew haven’t stepped in to shut the whole thing down like before — when a hacker got a hold of the team’s Twitter account — adds to the rumor of holding some weight.

Moreover, the site details that a select number of Level 4 Atlas Passes will be awarded to 10,000 applicants, but the participants will need to complete a survey-like questionnaire and tasks to be worthy of entry.

Time will tell whether or not if this whole No Man’s Sky update thing is a hoax or not come July 21st.


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