Obscura – Challenge Your Mind, Walking Sim Set To Hit Steam On July 19th

One of the latest walking simulators set to hit Steam Early Access comes a game by indie publisher and developer RoboDev; the game goes by the name of Obscura – Challenge Your Mind. The walking sim with hints of puzzle and platforming elements is set to come out for PC on July 19th.

I’m not hard up for walking sims per se, but if you happen to have an interest in puzzle-platfomers and adventure games nestled into an aesthetic with child-like imagination, then I think Obscura – Challenge Your Mind is a game worth keeping an eye on.

Both the official description and a reveal trailer by dedicated Steam channel SteamTrailers sits below for your viewing pleasure.

“A first-person puzzle-platformer adventure that will take you into the depths of a little boy’s imagination and his inner conflicts.”

As noted above, the game isn’t my cup of tea, but I do have to admit that taking fans and gamers who like walking sims down a path through a child’s imagination offers up a list of unique and thought provoking puzzles that could potentially be fun and unforgettable… if done right.

The story of Obscura – Challenge Your Mind sees an orphan who dreams in color or has high hopes in search of finding his parents and why they left him at an orphanage. Every night he dreams of a house that contains his parents, thus pushing him to investigate this wonderful place in his imagination for answers.

In addition to Obscura’s story, the game will explore conflicts and other deep problems found in the boy’s inner thoughts, which will be manifested via his wild imagination that players must navigate through.

The walking simulator that sports hints of puzzles and platforming, better known as Obscura – Challenge Your Mind, is set to come out for PC on July 19th. More information can be found on this game by hitting up its newly posted Steam Early Access page.

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