Planetoid Pioneers, Action-Crafting Game Receives $9.99 Game-Only Edition

Planetoid Pioneers

Data Realms announced that their Metroidvania-inspired action-crafting game, Planetoid Pioneers, will receive a game-only version starting tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading this) that will be available for only $9.99, a steep drop from the contribution edition currently available in Early Access for $39.99.

The announcement for the cheaper version coincides with a big update this week that includes improvements to all of the Primoid areas; a new South Hub and Mountain Areas; a new automatic save game system; new locomotion that includes a proper jump, sliding, and uphill walking; overhauled sound effects; a new physics solver and performance improvements to go along with it; and a new loot system with tiered weapons and loot items, not unlike Edge of Space or Starbound.

Many of these changes can be viewed over on the Steam community page where the update was announced.

The game has been in development for eight years. It centers around pioneers venturing out beyond the known stars, exploring planets using advanced 3D printer devices in order to craft high-tech equipment used to make their way around the planet and go on epic adventures.

The press release notes that the Contributor Edition has been available since April of 2016, last year, and that version features commercial-grade design tools that gamers can use to actually help contribute toward the development of the game.

The Game-Only edition is just the game. It doesn’t include the design tools or any of the other under-the-hood stuff. If you just want to play, explore planets and blast the crap out of enemies, you can do so for just $9.99.

When the Game-Only version goes live the Contributor Edition will drop down to $29.99. The developers at Data Realms will continue to update and improve on Planetoid Pioneers until the game finally graduates from Early Access. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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