PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Update Will Add Microtransactions After Devs Said They Wouldn’t
PUBG Battle Royale
(Last Updated On: July 25, 2017)

A new update due for release on August 3rd for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will add microtransactions to the Early Access rendition of the game, despite the fact that the developers said that they wouldn’t do so while the game was in Early Access.

TechRaptor picked up the news from a Steam Community update that Bluehole Studios rolled out on the store page. The update confirms that there will be three new loot crates added to the game containing items, clothing apparel and accessories themed after the movie Battle Royale, but only two of the three crates will be obtainable for free. The third crate will require a paid key that sells for $2.50.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Battle Royale DLC

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Battle Royale Update

Some fans of the game defended the action, claiming that the developers working on the DLC and microtransactions likely aren’t the same who work on bug fixes and adding new content to the game and that the devs need some sort of extra revenue streams to continue development.

However, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds has already sold more than 5 million copies according to Steam Spy, and they had surpassed $100 million in revenue back in June after launching in March.

Steam user MarioAda retorted against the fanboys by linking to various outlets where it’s pretty much on record that the developers have said they would wait until after Early Access to pursue microtransactions. In the game’s FAQ on the Gamepedia page, it states…

“What were planning to do, is to add purchasable cosmetic items (like clothes/skins) via crates, this will allow us to create free DLC packs down the road.” Microtransactions are coming after Early Access.”

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Battle Royale DLC

Back in May, Brendan Greene, the creative lead behind Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, spoke with Gamasutra reiterating what was mentioned in the FAQ… that they wouldn’t be monetizing the game with microtransactions during Early Access…

“We’re not doing monetization during early access, it’ll be afterwards. So we’ll have keys to open crates to make it simple. But we’ll also try to have rarity, so by opening a crate you can get a skin that’s worth £10 or $20,” […]


“I don’t want to encourage gambling. I’m very happy now Steam has put it in their terms that ‘you cannot use this for gambling,’ but I still believe the skin economy is a good thing to have in a game. Because it’s monetization for us, but it also creates an economy for clothing items.”

Some gamers on the Reddit thread were forgiving of this, claiming that the microtransaction revenue funds a tournament at GamesCom, and so long as microtransactions are being used to build an e-sports community, they’re okay with that.

Spacrypt for instance, justified the microtransactions, writing…

“Yes it’s sold well, but they need to support this game for years to come and the sales will die down over time. They also want to actually make money and funnily enough throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars is not how to do it.


“TLDR: It’s the best business model they can use (one you don’t need to bother with if you don’t want to) and it’s being used to fund an event. It’s no big deal.”

It’s this very attitude that also led to disc-locked content in full priced games, true endings being locked behind DLC, and microtransactions in $60 games. Many players and fans are sometimes willing to support tactics that eventually have long-term detrimental effects on the game than to stand up against those practices.

In this case, we’ll see how well the microtransactions go down in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds starting August 3rd.

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  • jlenoconel

    I still wanna play this game, but this news does piss me off pretty bad. Why do this?

  • ThyPancakeConsumed

    And this happens after pc gamer ran thing about Terry Crews being pc gamer and his son playing PUBG non stop less than week ago. This happened after making 11 million dollars in less than week in early access.
    This happened after whole greedwire thing with KF2; after whole thing with payday 2. Both greedwire and overcuck fancies themselves small devs that needs money to pay people. Small developers my ass. Indie is new codname for being greedy losers.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      I forgot to add something about esports thing:
      “Some gamers on the Reddit thread were forgiving of this, claiming that
      the microtransaction revenue funds a tournament at GamesCom, and so long
      as microtransactions are being used to build an e-sports community,
      they’re okay with that.”
      Yeah because esports ever been good to gaming, always brought good changes and made devs and pubs care about peasants playing non professionally. /s

    • Yeah…. there’s no way they can even use that excuse after racking in $100 million. Like seriously… that’s the entire marketing and development budget for Call of Duty. Blue Hole is just greedy AF.

      • Disqusted

        I’d really like to know where the f**k that money is going to go. I doubt we’ll ever see it in the game.

        Aren’t Bluehole the ones who keep making MMOs like Aion and TERA and then letting them die in the dirt while they pump out the same thing with prettier graphics?

        • ThyPancakeConsumed

          To answer first question: to make more dumbass games like pubg.
          Second: Yes, you are correct.

        • Pretty much.

    • descent3031

      “This happened after whole greedwire thing with KF2; after whole thing with payday 2.”

      Right? No one ever appears to learn any lessons. Even after PD2 had to pull it’s nonsense back after being deserted by its fans.

      At least PD2 was an actual successful game before they jumped the shark. Going the micro-transactions whilst still in early access is pretty brash.

      • ThyPancakeConsumed

        I am just gonna say this: outside those people who were flying gamergate tag or supporting them, there are no gamers anymore, just insecure unloved addicts who needs their swag to feel good temporary. This is why seemingly nobody is learning anything and allows this to happen. I am feeling like i am done personally. I am gonna clear my backlog in coming years and hopefully get my hands on some old handheld console or retire from gaming for good. Its been good while it lasted, but now i just don’t care. Too much greed, too many addicts, too many lies and bad games.

        • descent3031

          I feel your frustration, but I think your read on this is wrong. It’s not about addiicts who need their fix. The problem is that videogames have gone hollywood. When the market was small you had to make games that were actually good. You also only had one shot at releasing it, so it needed to be good off the shelf. Now that gaming is a massive and connected market your game just needs wide appeal. This means tthat execs value safety and box-ticking over actual ideas in terms of appealing widely.

          The interconnectedness works against us because if everyone is playing something together then it doesn’t even need to be good or inventive. Think of Monopoly. It’s actually a pretty shit game that hasn’t changed since inception. It still sells because everyone knows how to play it and you basically sit down with people you like and have fun in spite of it. Same rule applies here. PUBG can afford to fuck us because of the strong community. If you play this every night with a couple of friends you’ll still have fun, and it’s easier than all getting and learning a new game. With a game like this you generally need to do something dumb that fucks the gameplay to lose people. They’ll put up with pretty much anything else for the above reasons.

          I wouldn’t give up entirely. We still get some cool shit. Just be very judicious in what you buy.

        • Disqusted

          Yeah, most “gamers” nowadays are losers desperately trying to find ways to justify their existence. That’s why there’s so much focus on shit like achievements/trophies, and things like losing/death keep getting removed.

  • Vrenna

    Money corrupts the man, after the overwhelming success of their product there is no way they wouldn’t make it a money milking machine. They are money thirsting simpletons, not the desired moral and honorable developer.

  • DizzyGear

    Anyone familiar with BHS could see this from a mile a away. They pretty much ran the once great MMO Tera into the ground with endless recycled bosses in “new” instances and more tacked on progression mechanics that are solely based on RNG to pad out the endgame causing the game to hemorrhage players over the years.
    They did add new classes but they were gender locked to females because BHS was too fucking cheap and lazy to make male animations because according to their data more people play female characters anyway. Well no fucking shit if you keep releasing hilariously broken genderlocked classes.

    But of course there’s no shortage of (female) costumes with often glaring clipping issues (locked in RNG boxes ofc) and dragon mounts that give you a DPS buff (also locked in RNG boxes costing almost $5 a pop because p2w).
    You can buy a dragon directly though. Except it doesn’t have the buff and costs you only $40. For a single character…

    • Disqusted

      Sounds like shit. I knew they were responsible for some Korean MMOs (thought it was Lineage 2 or something) but I forgot about all the TERA bullshit, like the female only classes. If I’d remembered sooner I’d probably have avoided this game altogether.

      Wasn’t there also a lawsuit thing about Bluehole lifting Lineage sourcecode to use in TERA?

      • DizzyGear

        Honestly its just the tip of the iceberg what they did with Tera. Its a crying shame and it honestly pisses me off to no end since Tera had so much untapped potential.

        As far as i know they only have one other online game called Devilian which is a mediocre Diablo clone made with recycled Tera assets.

        Lineage 2 is NC Soft. Though BHS was originally founded by ex NC employees.
        Funny enough NC did slap BHS with a lawsuit over Tera because it looked too much like Lineage or something.

  • Disqusted

    Ugh. Makes me regret buying it. Well, they won’t get anymore out of me.

    I ended up getting it because a friend got interested in it. We tried it together and they liked it enough to decide to keep it, so I did too.

    I feel like there’s not much point to the customization because it’s not really a game where you get to appreciate it. The whole point is headshotting people the instant you see them.

    Edit: A few more thoughts. As I suspected, it’s more fun to watch others play than to play myself. It’s kinda annoying spending forever trying to get good loots (and almost always having no luck) just to get headshot instantly while hiding, from the other side of the map, by people you never see or hear.

    It’s also really difficult to tell if someone is cheating or not. Several times now, I unload 8+ bullets into someone’s head, or their chest, which they ignore and then kill me with an instant headshot. I keep getting instantly headshot while spinning around in cars, jumping, poking out of a doorway for a split second, etc. It’s been a long time since I played an online FPS. Did everyone else become an aimbot in that time? The Steam forums seem filled with people insisting there are no cheaters, and everyone is just an expert headshotter.

    Mid-game does feel dull. It takes forever for the first few circles to tighten, and if you’re lucky enough to stay inside the circle, you won’t have much to do. If your goal is to make it to the end, it’s so much safer to just hide. I’ve constantly made it to top 10, and 2nd several times, simply by hiding until the end, with no equipment. Of course, if you want to be first, you’ll likely need to get good gear by killing other players. But it’s so easy to get blindsided and instantly die.

    If you’re not inside the circle, it’s very tiring to have to hold run and trek across the whole damn map. High chances are you will not find a vehicle, either. And when you’re trekking across the map, you’re either going to not run into anyone at all, or run into someone and either get killed instantly, or distracted long enough to end up dying outside the circle. And there are always people waiting at the circle choke points to pick off stragglers. So I personally think there’s a hell of a lot of luck involved.

    I really like the environment and kinda want to explore it for some other meaningful purpose, but it’s not that kind of game. People on there seem pretty nasty (got called nasty names on voice chat within an hour or so, just by quietly standing in the preparation area) as one would expect from a game about killing other people the instant you see them.

    I hate that you have to turn the graphics down to the lowest to have a fighting chance of survival. Even so, it’s so easy to mistake environment objects for people. The sound keeps bugging up, too. For example, when it’s just one other guy left, I get killed by what sounds like a close shot from the left, but the remaining guy is actually far in front of me. I know it’s still a WIP, but the direction of the sound is so crucial in this game.

    Ultimately, it’s one of those games where there will probably always be cheaters because of the nature of the game’s goal and implementation. Aimhacks, wallhacks, environment hacks, etc. Clientside advantages are key.

    I just hope they’ll add more interesting gameplay modes later, but now that I fully recall what Bluehole stands for, I don’t have much hope for that. At least it’s something I can play with international friends, unlike Tekken 7 which only seems to be capable of connecting to nearby players (and it keeps failing at that too, keeps giving me error messages).

    It’s so hard to buy a game nowadays and not feel disappointed or screwed over in some way.

    • giygas

      I think the ‘Walking Simulator’ Steam tag is an apt descriptor.

      • Disqusted

        I found that I earn points much faster if I just beat up the idlers at the start of the match and then die.

        The alternative is hiding around for 10-20 minutes just to get killed by an instant headshot out of nowhere, and not even get half the points.

        I also like to hide in the water, under bridges, and in places nobody goes to, then I go AFK and do something else. But that’s not really much of a game then, is it.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      Most of things you said sounds awfully similar to my experience with H1Z1 before i refunded it. I mean i made it to top 30 on my second game, just by traveling inside toxic gas. I personally find existence of H1Z1 and PUBG as insult especially compared to old deathmatch/free for all type of games.

      • Disqusted

        Just hope people come up with interesting custom game modes. More interesting than f**king zombies again, anyway.

        I feel like I should have refunded it, but at least I can play it with my friend sometimes.

  • Anon

    Whenever you hear developers say they will never add microtransactions, you can be pretty much sure 9 times out of 10 they will add them.

    • ThyPancakeConsumed

      11 times outta 10 is more correct.

  • giygas

    They’re poor indie devs and really need your support. They dindu nuffin. :((((((((((((((((