Project CARS 2 Features 60 Tracks, 130 Track Layouts
Project CARS 2
(Last Updated On: July 11, 2017)

Slightly Mad Studios is ensuring that racing fans won’t get bored anytime soon playing Project CARS 2. Not only will the game feature more than 180 different cars, but the game will also have 60 different tracks to race across, and more than 130 different track layouts.

Bandai Namco produced an impressive list featuring all the different racing circuits in Project CARS 2, along with the number of different layouts per track. Utilizing the Livetrack 3.0 technology, and featuring laser-scanned layouts of each and every track from every single inch of the asphalt, Project CARS 2 allows players to race through each circuit at different times of the day or night, different seasons, and under various weather conditions, creating an even more dynamic variety of intense racing conditions.

You can check out the full list below.

Circuit Number of layouts
Autodromo Algarve 2
Azure Circuit (Monaco) 1
Azure Coast 1
Bannochbrae 1
Bathurst 1
Brands Hatch 2
Brno 2
Cadwell Park 3
California Highway 1
Chesterfield (Kart) 1
Circuit de Catalunya 3
Circuit of the Americas 3
Daytona 2
Daytona RX 1
DirtFish RX 3
Donington Park 2
Dubai Autodrome 4
Dubai Autodrome (Kart) 1
Fuji Speedway 1
Glencairn (Kart) 1
Greenwood (Kart) 1
Hockenheim 4
Hockenheim (Historic) 1
Imola 1
Indianapolis 2
Knockhill 2
Knockhill RX 1
Laguna Seca 1
Lankebanen (Hell) RX 1
Le Mans (Kart) 1
Le Mans 24 Hours 1
Le Mans Bugatti 1
Long Beach 1
Lydden Hill 1
Mercedes Ice Lake Multiple
Monza 2
Monza (Historic) 1
Nordschleife 1
Nordschleife/Nurburgring Combined 1
Nurburgring 3
Oschersleben 3
Oulton Park 3
Red Bull Ring 2
Road America 1
Rouen-Les-Essarts (Historic) 1
Ruapuna Park 5
Sakitto (Fictional) 4
Silverstone 4
Silverstone (Historic) 1
Snetterton 3
Sonoma Raceway 3
Spa 1
Summerton (Kart) 1
Texas Motor Speedway Multiple
Watkins Glen 3
Willow Springs 3
Zhuhai 1
Zolder 1

Project CARS 2 doesn’t feature much of any kind of major overhaul or improvement over Project CARS, not the way Forza Motorsport 7 shows vast improvements over Forza Motorsport 6. However, if you enjoyed the original game and was looking for something a bit more refined and with additional content, I think the second game in the brand new franchise might be right up your alley.

Gameplay wise, it looks like Project CARS 2 will provide the most hardcore experience from a racing sim this fall. Graphically, it looks like Forza 7 will have it in the bag. And if you just like Gran Turismo… well, Gran Turismo Sport will be available but don’t expect much from it. In fact, in the Forza 7 vs GT Sport graphics showcase, the latter game was clearly out-classed by the former. A lot of that may have to do with the fact that Polyphony had to downgrade Gran Turismo Sport to work with the PlayStation VR headset.

On the upside, if you own a beefy PC rig you’ll be able to play Project CARS 2 in VR without any worries regarding the setbacks associated with the home consoles.

You can look for Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS 2 to launch on September 22nd, 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.

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  • Michael P

    All 3 games are coming out within a few months of each other, should be interesting.

    Will be a little surprised if GT Sport outsells the other 2 based on it having less of everything compared to the others and it’s own previous iterations but the PS4 has the larger install base and a fair amount of PC gamers still ignore Forza, so you never know. It’s a definite pass on my end though.

    I’m pretty much sold on PCars 2 but I’m ignoring Forza 7 until the general consensus is out for the PC version. Also gotta get off my lazy arse and sell my Xbone seeing as the exclusives are on PC now too.

    • Personally I just don’t have much of an interest in Forza 7. 4K isn’t enough to win me over. I love the new sound design, though.

      The fact all of them have a lack of proper soft-body deformation for the damage models due to the manufacturer restrictions has me turned off. I would love it if we had all the features from something like Project CARS 2 but without the real life cars so they can bring back their realistic damage models. The embedded VR support on PC would have made it an instant buy for me.

      • Mr.Towel

        The manufacturer excuse is such a bullshit. I believe most manufacturer wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about their cars getting shredded, they love doing it on movies. I guess the only one anal enough to care about it would be Ferrari, because they’re anal about everything. I think it’s even written on the contract paper of some of their cars that if the car dies in the middle of the road you’re not allowed to push it by hand as that would be “too demeaning” to the Ferrari’s image, you’re contractually obliged to call a tow truck and better be a shiny one. (automatic gearbox damage not withstanding)

        My guess is that most developers think it would be useless work and use Ferrari’s bitching to throw the blame over everyone else.

        I think I might go for Forza as my main this time around since Forza is more GT than GT itself. I have not completely lost hope on GT only because I heard people saying the level of data on their car sim is insane. People saying GT Sport car data is only second to the manufacturer’s CAD models… heh, could be your usual marketing bullshittery, but it does makes sense considering FIA is backing the whole thing and how much reduced is the number of cars this time around. Maybe they’re more detailed on the sim side of things so there’s more work going on for each car. Could also explain the shitty graphics.

        I can live with that if the FFB and the sim is good, I had lots of fun with Live for Speed on PC and the graphics and car selection on that game is shit. But the sim and FFB is good, I spent whole afternoons on time attacks only. I think it was the first sim to have complex tire simulation with deformation, temperature and wear all affecting grip.

        I will still wait and see, to have more people comparing the handling from GT Sports to the other ones. So far, there’s too few people playing and too many fanboys. I’ve seen Forza has more details on the cars like spoilers flopping about and so on but it could be more visual/arcadey than actual simulation. I’ll wait till more people are playing all three.

        • The manufacturer excuse is such a bullshit. I believe most manufacturer wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about their cars getting shredded, they love doing it on movies.

          I wouldn’t be so sure of that. My old man used to do some work in one of the legal departments at a manufacturer, this included bringing home lots of files and folders of car wrecks and dead bodies mangled up inside.

          The big issue was that the prosecutors would pore over all those details, comparing simulations, crash test results, and any relatable data to the crash to see if anything was amiss in the production model compared to what went through safety inspection. Most of those suits were settled because a ton of those cases had various instances where something shoddy didn’t pass inspection correctly and either made the crash worse than what it was or helped induce some fatal injury. Prosecutors would use any and everything they could get their hands on to show that the manufacturer was at fault.

          While it may seem trivial,I can see how having realistic soft-body damage in a game that simulates real-life car deformation could be used against a company depending on the situation. What if the results in the game mirrored real-life crash test simulations, but didn’t measure up to another crash where the company was at fault? It’s BS, I know, but I can definitely see where the car manufacturers are coming from in terms of trying to protect their assets. I don’t like it, but I get it.

          Plus, if you go back and look at the old alpha footage of Project CARS they already had some fairly decent car deformation models in the game before they acquired the licenses to the top brands, so basically they spent time taking out the deformation after already implementing them.

          I don’t know if it’s actually the legal reasons as to why they won’t allow real-life simulated car damage in car sims, but it really does strip away from the realism of racing sims.

          • Mr.Towel

            Your guess is much better than mine, you’re probably right. I had forgotten how screwed up the American justice can be, people can be sue up for pretty much anything.

      • Michael P

        Although it would be nice to get soft body damage in all racers, the manufacturers are probably never going to allow it and I’m not big on fake cars so it’s not something I give much thought to tbh.

        That said, I’m still not sold on Forza 7 either. I booted 6 up yesterday and was crudely reminded of it’s atrocious tyre modelling. Racing a 488 GTB with standard tyres (which would be sticky Pirelli’s) on the high grip Yas Marina circuit and the fucking thing felt like it was riding on concrete with $40 retreads.

        sUpEr ReALiSm tUrN 10!

        Haven’t tried VR yet, nobody rents them out in Oz for home use and I’m not risking paying minimum $600 for Sony’s ($1300 for vive!) for something that might just end up making me violently ill.