Project CARS 2 Gameplay Videos Show It’s Still Far From Realistic
Project CARS 2

A new video for the upcoming Project CARS 2 was released, featuring 10 minutes of gameplay of the Ford GT 2017 edition taking a lap around the Nurburgring. We get to see what the game looks like running on ultra settings at 60fps and at native 4K.

You can check out the first video below from Shirrako with the Ford GT 2017.

It takes place in Germany at dusk, so you get to see what Nurburgring looks like before the sun sets.

Lighting wise the Ford GT shader model looks like it could use some work. It lacks the natural lighting that games like Gran Turismo Sport… sports.

The thunderstorm that kicks into play at the three minute mark is no where near as good looking as the one from Forza Motorsport 7, but I do have to give them props that the water mist through the trees due to the wind looks phenomenal, and the god rays coming from around the apex at the 3:45 before the clouds overtake the sun also look spot-on. Really nice work.

The rain effects are definitely a gen behind Forza 7 and Driveclub, though.

We also get o see the Ferrari in action on the Nordschleife, and the physics look good on the Ferrari. Plenty of bounce and wiggle as the chassis absorbs those shocks from the uneven road and slight inclines on the track. Check it out below.

Shader model for the Ferrari also looks a lot more realistic and natural than the Ford GT. It’s still not path tracing quality like what we saw from the iCEnhancer from five years ago, but it’s decent enough if you’re not a graphics whore.

The final video worth checking out is a Porsche 918 Spyder racing at the Le Mans after an afternoon snow shower. The setting is just before evening as the sun sets, giving gamers a nice look at the horizon, which is puffed up by purple-tinted clouds peeking out from the distance. Check it out below.

The slipping and sliding of the Porsche while it attempts to grip the road on the icy surface shows that the car physics definitely adjust to the road surface. The only thing is that it doesn’t feel as if the cars have proper weight according to what we’re seeing. I expected a bit more sliding going into the apex and a bit more tire spin during the heavy acceleration off the turns. It all seemed a bit plastic.

Anyway, Project CARS 2 is due for release on September 22nd, 2017 for PS4, PC and Xbox One.


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