Randy Pitchford Talks Borderlands 3 Being More Like Borderlands 1

Looking forward to Borderlands 3? If so, there’s news for you to read over that comes in via Randy Pitchford’s Twitter account talking about Borderlands 3 being more like the first game rather than the second game. Gearbox is currently developing Borderlands 3 as we speak.

The reason why you haven’t heard of this news anytime soon is because fans were in a disagreement with Vandal Pitchfork and the discussion between them quickly became buried by Pitchfork spamming his Twitter account with Battleborn, “inspirational quotes” and food; man, he must be depressed.

Anyway, the YouTuber below, LoneVaultWanderer, had the patience to sift through all of Vandal Pitchfork’s tweets and read what he was saying to his fans and came across information on Borderlands 3 being more like Borderlands 1. In other words, the next upcoming game will not be like the second Borderlands tone wise.

If you want, you can either read the Tweet (above) talking about Borderlands 3 being more like the first game in the series or you can watch the new video by LoneVaultWanderer discussing his opinion on said matter below.

According to the tweet that Vandal Pitchfork posted in reply to the people he was talking to via Twitter, the third game will likely follow in the footsteps of the first Borderlands in terms of dialogue, structuring of conversations, humor and other various tones found in the game. I should also note that Pitchfork could go off-the-cuff and change the third game’s mechanics to be a lot more like the first title, who knows.

Personally, I can wait for Borderlands 3, however that’s not the case for everyone seeing that there is a lot of people spamming Pitchfork’s Twitter with “when will Borderlands 3 come out?” and “when can we expect Borderlands 3 news?” With that said, what do you think of the upcoming Borderalnds game being more like the first title in tone?


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