Red Dead Redemption Partially Playable On PC Via PS3 Emulator

Red Dead Redemption

The RPCS3 is now capable of playing Red Dead Redemption from the PS3 at anywhere between 3 and 15 frames per second. This is thanks to emulation developers Nekotekina upgrading the LLVM recompiler, and Jarves making some improvements to the graphics emulation.

A new video was published over on YouTube by the RPCS3 channel, which features some actual gameplay of Red Dead Redemption running on PC. You can check out the two minute video below of the game struggling to run on an i7-4790K.

The video features an invisible John Marsten, running around in the game world with nothing but a hate and his knife present. You can also pull up the radial weapon menu and choose different items. The NPCs aren’t present in the game and neither are the horses.

The geometry for the buildings and environments are mostly working, and the skybox is present, but has issues with the time of day display. Foliage and grass are basic vector blops at their lowest level of detail for the most part. Draw distance is still a big issue, with anything outside the immediate area of the player’s position is rendered without proper alphas, resulting in a lot of black blops appearing around objects at a distance.

If the developers can keep up the progress and work through the kinks, they just might be able to get Red Dead Redemption running clean and pristine on PC… maybe even ahead of the official release of Red Dead Redemption 2 for the Xbox One and PS4.

You’ll need a rather beefy PC with some thick GPU pecs and tight CPU quads if you want to be able to muscle through the PS3 emulation using RPCS3. You can download the emulator for free over on the official RPCS3 website, or you can contribute to the cause by paying some pittance into the RPCS3 Patreon.

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