River City Ransom: Underground Back On Steam While Dev’s YouTube Account Gets Terminated
River City Ransom Underground

Following the unlawful DMCA filed by Alex Mauer against Conatus Creative to have River City Ransom: Underground removed from Steam, things have picked up for the developer as they managed to take the necessary legal recourse to have the game returned to Steam, complete with the soundtrack intact, for now.

TechRaptor is reporting that after Alex Mauer had filed the DMCA and managed to get River City Ransom: Underground removed from Steam on the grounds that it was committing copyright infringement for using the music composed by Mauer without permission, Conatus was able to get the game restored on Valve’s digital distribution service and it still features Mauer’s music.

You can now purchase River City Ransom: Underground, again, for $19.99 by visiting the Steam store page.

TechRaptor notes that the saga doesn’t end there. Alex Mauer ended up filing enough copyright strikes against the Conatus Creative YouTube channel that YouTube ended up terminating the developer’s YouTube account.

Conatus is now working on restoring their YouTube channel.

Mauer had begun targeting Conatus after wreaking havoc on Imagos Software, another indie developer that hired Mauer to compose music for the game Starr Mazer: DSP. Imagos, however, filed a restraining order against Mauer and managed to get their game back on the Steam store.

Some gaming outlets had originally tried to cover for Mauer for being trans, but the audience pelted them with criticisms for trying to misrepresent the story. Eventually outlets who attempted to spin the news favorably in Mauer’s direction ended up updating and altering their articles.

Some gamers are suggesting that Conatus take this opportunity to replace the soundtrack with music that matches the original NES release, or something consisting of a remix of the old River City Ransom songs. I’m sure most gamers are just happy that the game is now available to purchase once more on Steam.


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