Sega Genesis Classic Console Comes With 85 Games For $80
Sega Genesis Flashback Console

Two classic console bundles recently received their pre-order pricing and software package details. Sega’s classic Genesis console bundle will be available for $80 this September and it will come bundled with 85 games. The system will support 720p output through an HDMI cable.

Gamespot is also reporting that the system will have a cartridge slot for classic 16-bit games, which will be upscaled for HDTVs. So you can play all your old Sega Genesis titles on the Sega Genesis Flashback system through the cartridge slot. It also comes with two 2.4ghz wireless Sega Genesis Advanced Controllers, with the six button layout.

As mentioned, 85 games will be built into the console, including Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Phantasy Star IV, Mortal Kombat, Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III, Shinobi, Golden Axe and Shining Force to name but a few.

The micro-console will also include standard emulator features such as the save and reload states, along with the rewind feature.

This isn’t even the first Genesis micro-console made but ATGames seems to want a bit of media publicity leading up to the release of their device. And they aren’t launching it alone.

Atari Flashback

That’s right… ATGames will also have an Atari Flashback Console available this fall as well, including 120 games form the Atari 2600 system for $80.

The Atari micro-console looks pretty cheap, especially compared to Atari’s own Ataribox, which surprisingly has a sleek and inviting style to its design. ATGames’ throwback looks pretty retro, but not necessarily in the most enticing or aesthetic ways imaginable.

Of course, the Atari Flashback Console is a nice little hold-me-over until Atari rounds out the details on their own Ataribox. Both of ATGames’ micro-consoles will be competing with Nintendo’s own branded SNES Classic Edition, which will launch this September for $80, but it will only feature 21 games and not even the most coolest games the SNES had to offer.

ATGames released earlier iterations of both the Genesis and Atari last year, but they will unleash updated versions this upcoming September. Pre-orders will reportedly open up on July 28th next week, and you can learn more by visiting the official ATGames website.


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