Sega World Drivers Championship Arcade Racing Game Coming 2018
Sega World Drivers Championship

Sega announced that Sega World Drivers Championship is set to release in 2018. For now there is only an arcade announcement, and the game will be tested across Japan between July 28th and July 30th starting next week.

The game is supposed to be a throwback to Sega’s touring car days, when they used to produce games like Sega Rally Championship and Sega Touring Car Championship.

The upcoming title will feature 45 different vehicles spanning Japan’s Super GT licenses, which includes Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Lexus.

They released a minute long promotional trailer featuring real life footage of the Super GT cars taking a spin around various tracks, all in an attempt to get gamers hyped up for the upcoming arcade racer.

The upcoming title received some details over on the official SWDC website, where they announced that the test locations would be taking place at select outlets featuring the full-on racing cabinets, which hearken back to the days of Daytona USA and other full cabinets.

The test will feature three different track locations, and three different cars from the GT 300 class and GT 500 class.

The full arcade game will feature up to 10-player racing bouts, and it’s designed for motorsports enthusiasts and casual racing fans alike.

A lot of people in the comment section of the trailer are hoping that Sega will eventually bring the game Westward, but that seems to be a long ways off from right now. Sega is primarily focused on getting the tests underway and then rolling out the full game in 2018. If it does happen to see the light of day in the U.S., or Europe, it’s only going to happen if the game garners some success in Japan.

It would be really nice to see a casual arcade racer make its way back into the spotlight on home consoles. With games like Ride Racer and Sega GT having disappeared from the market, we could really use something that fits in between the Mario Karts and Gran Turismos.


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