Seven Deadly Sins: Knights Of Britannia, Anime Action Game Announced For PS4
Seven Deadly Sins

A new anime-style action game from Bandai Namco called Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia was announced during this year’s Anime Expo 2017 event. The teaser announcement trailer accompanied the official announcement, giving gamers a look at the upcoming PS4 hack-and-slash game.

For those of you unfamiliar, the game is based on the hit manga series of the same name, focusing on highly stylized, 3D environments and characters designed to mimic that of a vibrant and colorful anime.

The brief snippets of combat featured in the sub-minute trailer looks extremely intense, but it’s impossible to get a decent gauge of what the gameplay is like until more substantial footage surfaces. Even still, you can check out the AX 2017 announcement trailer for Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia below.

Players will follow the story involving Meliodas, Elizabth and Hawk as they battle throughout the fantasy world featuring larger-than-life encounters and super-powered abilities.

The cel-shaded and inked outline hearkens back to the classic days of 3D games mimicking anime art-styles, popularized by CyberConnect2’s Dragon Ball Z games and Sega’s Jet Set Radio.

The comment section is hyped as funk. A bunch of people are in there talking about fapping to Elizabeth and Diane’s fat booties, while others are just excited that Bandai is tackling a popular manga like Seven Deadly Sins.

Some people weren’t satisfied and wanted other games based on anime; they started begging for Bleach. That’s the only time I’ve seen someone beg for bleach when they weren’t watching an Amy Schumer special.

Anyway, you’ll have to stay tuned for more info about Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia. What little we got to see of the gameplay looks legit, but I’m not keen on making any judgments until seeing more. Expect a full gameplay roll out during or just before the Tokyo Game Show later this year.


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