Shining Series Character Artist Tony Taka Teases New Game

Shining series character designer/artist Tony Taka is gearing up to make an announcement for several new projects, these new efforts were made known by the illustrator’s official public relations Twitter account and will be followed by something in the July 27th issue of Weekly Famitsu.

Catching wind from publication site Gematsu, it is said that a new game by Tony Taka and other additional information featured in Weekly Famitsu will come to fruition very soon, which will surround that of the Shining series.

If you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of the Shining series and having beat multiple Shining games like Shining In the Darkness and Shining Souls, I’d love to see something on the same level as said games. Before getting too ahead of myself here, there hasn’t been any word on what the new game or announcements will be, it is just said that the designer or artist of the series will be doing something big next week.

Thanks to the publication site, the following notice details what fans can expect from the upcoming event via the illustrator’s official Twitter account:

“We are in earnest preparation, but there will be various rapid announcements from here on,” the Twitter account said in July 20 tweet. “Both hobby-related and game-related. Anyway, the end-of-month Hobby Japan and game magazines are a must see, so please make sure to get them. Incidentally, since this year is also the 20th anniversary since the artist Tony’s debut, there will also be something in commemoration.”

On July 23rd, a tweet was posted on the same account asking fans to come take a look at an upcoming interview, followed by another tweet as of today telling about the Weekly Famitsu date, which you can read the former tweet below.

“In the ‘Tony’s Heroine Works’ corner of the issue of Monthly Hobby Japan Magazine on sale July 25 (Tuesday), there are five pages featuring, among other things, a special interview with Tony and [Satoshi] Sakai (Sega), so please check it out. You also might find things such as the future of a certain title and some never-before-heard stories on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his debut.


Shining series fans should also please take a good look. Also, it seems like there will be something else on July 27, so please be prepared to run to the book store.”

The publication site noted that the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu will go on sale on July 27th in Japan, however the content within the magazine is said to leak sooner, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to know what the new game and announcements will be.


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