SKSE-64 Bit Website Updated, Version 1.7.3 Now Listed
(Last Updated On: September 13, 2017)

SKSE-64 bit was recently updated. Yes, the official website “Whatsnew” page has been updated to reflect the latest bulleted list of version 1.7.3. Bethesda’s The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim is out now for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

Update: The SKSE team has released SKSE-64 bit 2.0.0 alpha, download now available.

Development on SKSE-64 bit is still going mighty strong, and while some folks are enduring the long wait, slowly but surely the devs behind the script extender are working hard to bring the project, at its finest, to you.

As proof, I have two screenshots showing the last build (shown first) and the latest 1.7.3 update below the first (shown second).

My apologies for the blurry images, the whole point behind the two stills is not to read the text, since I have the text both linked and listed below, but to show that the team is still working on SKSE-64 bit.

The link to the newly updated “Whatsnew” page can be reached by hitting up On to the next segment which contains the content of version 1.7.3:

  • Added SpawnerTask for batch PlaceAtMe with positioning (see SpawnerTask.psc for details)
  • Fixed chance of ModEvent/UICallback instances failing if the game was saved+loaded between their creation and execution
  • Added Spell.GetEffectMagnitudes/GetEffectAreas/GetEffectDurations/GetMagicEffects
  • Added ObjectReference.GetContainerForms/GetReferenceAliases
  • Added WornObject.GetReferenceAliases
  • Added Form.GetKeywords
  • Added StringUtil.Split
  • Added Utility.ResizeArray
  • Added Actor.ResetAI (similar to console function)
  • Fixed ActorBase.GetIndexOf*
  • Fixed Utility.CreateArray initialization with empty Forms/Aliases
  • Added support for skse.ExtendData(true) to enchanting/alchemy/smithing/crafting menus
  • Added Ingredient/Potion/Scroll/Spell.GetIsNthEffectKnown/Magnitudes/Areas/Durations/MagicEffects
  • Added Quest.GetAliasById/GetAliases
  • Fixed Armor.ModArmorRating to disallow underflow
  • Added FormList.ToArray/AddForms
  • Added experimental GameData functions
  • TreeObject and Flora accept general forms as produce
  • Added diagnostic messages that help detecting the cause of common crashes or problems.
    (1) Shows which masterfile is missing when the game CTDs on startup.
    (2) Lists the missing files in the removed content dialog when loading a save.
    Both are disabled by default; to enable them add this to \Data\SKSE\skse.ini:

I do have something to say first and foremost to all the haters, please stop sh!tposting that SKSE-64 bit is dead, because it only makes you sound like the physical manifestation of some loser’s inner demons. In truth, if you want the devs — who have busy lives in real life — behind this free project to succeed, then I suggest encouraging them instead of b!tching and moaning that the project did not meet its Tentative release.

In addition to the above, the screeching became so bad that the official thread over on the Nexus Forum had to be locked to due to excessive death threats — in which the threats have been removed by the mods due to the posts containing personal information and addresses regarding other people and the devs behind SKSE-64 bit.

Anyway, you can keep up with the progress of SKSE-64 bit by hitting up

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  • Brad

    Death threats are you serious!? Holy hell people need to chill out, do they even realise how hard it is to make this stuff ffs…

  • vibes shaw

    glad they still working on it. brilliant.
    death threats is way overboard .

  • Johnny Number 5

    holy schtako death threats that’s facking crazy! I had began to wonder if it was essentially dead myself, meaning a year or more off (if it was able to be finished) and time to move on and expect to not use it ever myself. but jesus christ nobody needs to do death threats over a tool for a video game. I had a moderator on a fairly popular site for a game I play ban me over some butthurt when I was critical of their playstyle lol. Now I hear about other internet sociopaths making death threats over not getting a tool they feel entitled to that actually takes the person or small group of people a TON of personal time and patience to develop. after they already did it once for us already for oldrim. I swear, for every good door the internet has opened up for our world there is another one with a whole lot of nasty poosies behind it too.
    Also, that update you mentioned is for the 32bit version and is actually an old one.

    • Ethan42

      Sorry for the late reply, but the “Whatsnew” page for the longest showed version 1.7.2, meaning that one of the members of the SKSE-64 bit team posted the old or current 1.7.3 to the “Whatsnew” page just recently. In other words, one of the SKS-64 bit team members noticed that the old page was outdated while looking through the Silverlock site and decided to reflect the older 1.7.3 on said page on July 13th.

      What the article is trying to say is that the developers still remember the project and often visit it.

  • Dark_Messiah

    I’d love to keep up to date on news regarding skse64, but the last news on that site is already 6 months old, a we are alive post would be nice to get or a new vid showing off some progress. Or anything. On the nexus thread the last thing they wrote is that they’re busy with real life, and fallout 4 script extender, which is why people assume that the project is dead. And until the devs post anything new about skse64, they will continue to believe so.

    Also 1.7.3 was released years ago.

  • LosPrim

    1.7.3 came out in 2015. You can google it and see various forum posts announcing the release of 1.7.3 in the summer of 2015.

    There have been no updates on SKSE64 since April 2017, and their latest update video was from december 2016.

    I don’t know where you got the “newly updated” bit from, as the whatsnew page does not specify a date.

    The “SKSE64 is dead” posts are coming from mod authors who claim that SKSE64 development is at a standstill. The devs are quiet on the topic.

    Please do proper research before posting an article.

  • Clive

    Thanks for the news.
    But…1.7.3 is the Old Skyrim SKSE, as listed on Silverlock’s web site? That’s the version number I use with the original game. Are the team adding to that file for SKSE 64? I would have thought they’d be working on a new version number.

    • Mosquitobait

      1.7.3 was an update for SKSE, and was released way the heck back in 2015. Not sure whether “Ethan” is drugged out of his mind or just a troll.

      • Niyu

        The release was in 2015, but they forgot to update the changelog on the site until now.

        • Mosquitobait

          Still has nothing to do with SKSE64.

  • Blake

    Why are the devs of a script editor getting death threats

    • tajlund

      Because we’ve created an instant gratification society. People are acting out because they can’t use their favorite mods with Skyrim SE yet because they need SKSE.

  • tajlund

    I’m just patiently waiting. It must be my age or something, I really don’t get all the rage against this great team that does this for free.

    • Nothing new. The UltraHLE guys went through the same thing nearly 20 years ago. They hung up their boots for a while due to all the threats and requests. It was a lot more tame back then, though, mostly just tons of people curious when it would be released. They could have made a killing had something like Patreon existed.

      The CEMU guys are some of the smartest in the industry right now, they turned that passion into dollar signs, and everyone asking for quick updates can just pay for them.

      • Patrick Wise

        I think you actually hit upon part of it. No the threats aren’t justified (obviously) but psychologically one reason they’ve come about is there’s no real positive outlet for those frustrated at the wait. If there was a Patreon they could help financially. If the project was open source they could take a crack at fixing it themselves or, at the very least, actually see the new code being written.

  • Pratim Gupta

    Thank Talos some update

    • Mosquitobait

      Yes, an “update” that was released in 2015 for original Skyrim. Ethan is an idiot.

      • Pratim Gupta

        Bamboozled again