SKSE-64 Bit Website Updated, Version 1.7.3 Now Listed

SKSE-64 bit was recently updated. Yes, the official website “Whatsnew” page has been updated to reflect the latest bulleted list of version 1.7.3. Bethesda’s The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim is out now for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

Update: The SKSE team has released SKSE-64 bit 2.0.0 alpha, download now available.

Development on SKSE-64 bit is still going mighty strong, and while some folks are enduring the long wait, slowly but surely the devs behind the script extender are working hard to bring the project, at its finest, to you.

As proof, I have two screenshots showing the last build (shown first) and the latest 1.7.3 update below the first (shown second).

My apologies for the blurry images, the whole point behind the two stills is not to read the text, since I have the text both linked and listed below, but to show that the team is still working on SKSE-64 bit.

The link to the newly updated “Whatsnew” page can be reached by hitting up On to the next segment which contains the content of version 1.7.3:

  • Added SpawnerTask for batch PlaceAtMe with positioning (see SpawnerTask.psc for details)
  • Fixed chance of ModEvent/UICallback instances failing if the game was saved+loaded between their creation and execution
  • Added Spell.GetEffectMagnitudes/GetEffectAreas/GetEffectDurations/GetMagicEffects
  • Added ObjectReference.GetContainerForms/GetReferenceAliases
  • Added WornObject.GetReferenceAliases
  • Added Form.GetKeywords
  • Added StringUtil.Split
  • Added Utility.ResizeArray
  • Added Actor.ResetAI (similar to console function)
  • Fixed ActorBase.GetIndexOf*
  • Fixed Utility.CreateArray initialization with empty Forms/Aliases
  • Added support for skse.ExtendData(true) to enchanting/alchemy/smithing/crafting menus
  • Added Ingredient/Potion/Scroll/Spell.GetIsNthEffectKnown/Magnitudes/Areas/Durations/MagicEffects
  • Added Quest.GetAliasById/GetAliases
  • Fixed Armor.ModArmorRating to disallow underflow
  • Added FormList.ToArray/AddForms
  • Added experimental GameData functions
  • TreeObject and Flora accept general forms as produce
  • Added diagnostic messages that help detecting the cause of common crashes or problems.
    (1) Shows which masterfile is missing when the game CTDs on startup.
    (2) Lists the missing files in the removed content dialog when loading a save.
    Both are disabled by default; to enable them add this to DataSKSEskse.ini:

I do have something to say first and foremost to all the haters, please stop sh!tposting that SKSE-64 bit is dead, because it only makes you sound like the physical manifestation of some loser’s inner demons. In truth, if you want the devs — who have busy lives in real life — behind this free project to succeed, then I suggest encouraging them instead of b!tching and moaning that the project did not meet its Tentative release.

In addition to the above, the screeching became so bad that the official thread over on the Nexus Forum had to be locked to due to excessive death threats — in which the threats have been removed by the mods due to the posts containing personal information and addresses regarding other people and the devs behind SKSE-64 bit.

Anyway, you can keep up with the progress of SKSE-64 bit by hitting up


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