Sky Knights, Retro Arcade Sim Set To Enter Early Access On Steam July 27th
Sky Knights

Hampus Bankler’s 4-vs-4 online PvP game, Sky Knights, is set to launch on Steam in Early Access on July 27th at the end of this month, in just a little over 10 days. To commemorate the launch a new launch trailer was let loose, featuring just over a minute of gameplay with a song that mimics Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone”.

You can check out the trailer below, sporting some of the gameplay and a brief cinematic intro with some cool retro music.

The game itself is rather limited in its scope, sticking with a multiplayer-only setup. Even more than that, it’s limited to a 4-vs-4 setup where players will duke it out in online arenas via an isometric view.

I don’t know how well Sky Knights mostly overhead setup will go down with gamers, but you at least have to give props to Bankler’s attempt to try something new in order to separate itself from the other games out there.

Now if you don’t have three other friends to join in on your team or if you can’t find four other opponents to blast the crap out of during your aerial combat sessions, there is a pretty cool feature where the other absentee players can be filled in with bots. I really, really hope that they extend this feature further, maybe expanding it to 8-vs-8 matches? Maybe?

Anyway, during the initial Early Access phase there will be six flyable aircraft, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, a variety of weapons that includes heat-seeking missiles, radar homing missiles, bombs, air-to-ground missiles and chainguns. There are 15 different aircraft upgrades, six playstyle traits, and ground forces utilized by the AI to mix up some of the PvP action.

According to the Steam page, the game is scheduled to stay in development on the Early Access page for anywhere between one year and two years. You can learn more about Sky Knights by visiting the Steam store page.


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