Sky Knights Features Action Gameplay With A Hint Of Realistic Aerial Combat

If you are looking to play a game with airplanes or modern jet-planes in a top-down setup, look no further than Sky Knights. Indie publisher and developer Hampus Bankler is set to bring Sky Knights to PC via Steam Early Access come July 27th.

According to Hampus Bankler, the one behind the upcoming top-down airplane shooter, Sky Knights witnessed an intense Greenlight campaign and now is shaping up to release for PC via Steam Early Access next week.

Sky Knights aims to bring modern-day air combat to the table in a different but familiar way. Additionally, the game explores the struggle to win a dogfight through a 4 Vs. 4 online setup, which instead of the camera following the plane like other games or in first-person, the view is top-down. The official description explains the game further:

“4 vs 4 online action! Take on the role as a modern fighter pilot in this top-down online action game. Fly with and fight against other players online in a struggle to win each battle. Sky Knights offers a quick action-packed experience, but at the same time stays true to many fundamentals of realistic aerial combat.”

Rocking a striped down version of Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone, the official launch trailer showing Sky Knights lies below for your viewing pleasure.

Additional features currently listed to be in Sky Knights include online team matches, AIs, gamepad support, six flyable aircrafts with their very own strengths and weaknesses, different alternate guns and bombs, 15 unlockable upgrades, six different traits to master, and much more.

I should also note that the game features anti-aircraft units like artillery and AA guns defending designated objectives. Ground forces will also push forward into battle just like enemy aircrafts, which can be avoided by using countermeasures and maneuvers.

Sky Knights will launch for PC via Steam Early Access on July 27th. You can learn more about this game by hitting up


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