Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct Details Weapons, Modes, Maps, And Gear Abilities
Splatoon 2 - Marina and Pearl

During the Nintendo Direct for Splatoon 2 we learned that a new demo is available for download over on the Nintendo eShop. The demo won’t be playable until July 15th, and the online multiplayer demo will only be online between 3pm and 7pm PST. This arrives just ahead of the game’s launch on July 21st.

The important details that aired during the Nintendo Direct were captured and contained within a 26 minute recap that you can check out below.

Marie and Callie have been replaced with Pearl and Marina from the Off the Hook Tentacle band. The duo will be the hosts of Splatoon 2, guiding players through the events and features of Inkopolis.

Splatoon 2 also features three weapon categories, including main weapons, sub-weapons and special weapons. You can access main weapons with ZR, sub-weapons with R, and special weapons with Y.

Speaking of weapons… there are some new types of paint guns and rollers to join the ever-growing arsenal, including a flinger roller, a goo tuber, dapple dualies, and new sub-weapons such as the autobomb that can track down enemies and kill them. There’s a toxic mist that works as a grenade-type that can take down enemies who step into the radius.


The video also covers some of the special items, such as the tenta missiles that launch a barrage of missiles at a designated location. Ink jet works like the jetpack from Star Wars: Battlefront, allowing you to hover over your foes and rain down paint like a fiery hailstorm. There’s an ink ray that can shoot through walls. A splashdown special that creates an AOE explosion when you dive into the ground. A bomb launcher that allows you to launch a barrage of bombs onto the battlefield. Ink armor can protect you from damage. And there’s a baller, which is exactly what it sounds like: a ball that can allow you to climb up walls, charge it up and then explode, dealing damage to anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the blast.

Turf War is returning, which sees two teams fighting to cover as much of the map as possible across Musselforge Fitness, the Reef, Inkblot Academy, Starfish Mainstage, Humpback Pump Track, Port Mackerel, Moray Towers, and the Sturgeon Shipyard.

Some of the stages have active hazards that can be used against opponents or to take advantage of a splatting opportunity.


Ranked Battles will also be present, and will be free throughout the rest of 2017. It will require a Nintendo Network account come 2018, which is when Nintendo will launch the premium service.

During Ranked Battles there are three modes that rotate around every few hours, including splat zones, tower control and rainmaker.

There are also League Battles, where you can team up with your friends to duke it out over the course of a two hour tournament.


Gear abilities were also detailed. Players are able to collect gear and outfit them with upgrades across three slots per item.

Some of the abilities include being able to speed up the inkling, increase the ink recovery rate, an ability to tag opponents and track them through walls, as well as respawn penalty abilities. You can see what your opponents’ gear looks like via the map screen, and you can use the NPC shop peddler to add or remove abilities.

So long as Nintendo doesn’t sell gear abilities through the eShop there shouldn’t be any worries about paying to win.

The Salmon Run mode was also briefly discussed, including revealing details about the stage’s day to night cycle, the raising tide that adds an extra challenge, and some special Salmon Run bonuses.

They also mention that you can save character settings, gear, loadout and controller configurations to the Amiibo. The new Splatoon 2 Amiibo will work along with the old Amiibo from the original Splatoon.

You can also eat food to give your character boosts during battle, or play mini-games such as the Dance Dance Revolution style mini-game in the plaza.

A new single-player mode has also been added to Splatoon 2 featuring a number of different challenge arenas, shooting galleries, platforming levels, and other modes.

According to the Nintendo Direct, there are some new stages, weapons and gear in the work, and Nintendo will be rolling out new content for Splatoon 2 for over a year.

Splatfest Battles, special events themed around 4-vs-4 battles, will be available for Splatoon 2 for two years after release.

Splatoon 2 is set to launch exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st.


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