Squad 9.6 Preview Trailer Covers New Map And Improved Visuals
Squad Game 9.6

Offworld Industries’ Squad is a tactical military simulator that hearkens back to the days of the old Ghost Recon games and Rainbow Six titles; back when Operation Flashpoint meant something, and Delta Squad wasn’t just a series of Chuck Norris films. The latest update for Squad is set to drop soon in the form of version 9.6 during its Early Access run, and there’s a preview trailer available to give you a look at the new features.

The developers use the preview trailer to basically do a lot of flyby shots of the new Eastern European map called Narva. We get to see the war-torn map and some of the different districts players will be able to occupy in the 50 vs 50 matches. You can see it all in action below with the teaser trailer for version 9.6.

Unfortunately the trailer doesn’t do any kind of roll-through of what they’re working on, but graphically, the game looks fantastic in the trailer. The smoke effects actually look volumetric, the particles are copious and blinding, and the actor reactions to the bullet impacts and gunfire looks satisfying and realistic.

The game isn’t an over-the-top gorefest like Soldier of Fortune or Black Ops 3, but the damage looks impactful and the sound and visuals definitely help bring it all to life.

During a live-stream on Twitch, Offworld Industries also outlined a few more things they’re working on with the game, including being able to take control of vehicles with only one person needing to be near the vehicle to claim it, more time before matches start to better organize teams, as well as various improvements to the overall graphical user interface.

Squad is basically a tactical military sim for people who want something a little more accessible than Arma but with a lot more focus on teamwork and realism than what you’ll find in Call of Duty or Battlefield.

Squad is currently in Early Access over on the Steam store, priced at the not-so-cheap $39.99. According to the developers the game should be nearing its run in Early Access, as they have plans on graduating at some point in the middle of this year.


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