Starship Troopers: Traitor Of Mars Trailer Revives A Very Dead Dizzy
Starship Troopers

Casper Van Dien and Dina Meyer have both returned for another new Starship Troopers movie, this time it’s animated and made by Lucent Pictures and Sola Digitals, with Shinji Aramaki in the director’s chair. The latest trailer for the film confirms that Rico is the main character once more, but he isn’t the only one returning to the battlefield… a blonde bombshell version of Dizzy is back, and Dina Meyer is once again voicing her, some 20 odd years later.

The trailer is just under two minutes long, features the theme that the late Basil Poledouris originally put together for the original film, and plenty of power-armor, heavy-arms action that the other CG film, the book and the animated television series were known for. You can check out the trailer below, courtesy of Zero Media.

The movie is due out this summer, and it’s the second in a series of movies made by Sola Digital Arts. The first flick came ou back in 2012, featuring a CGI continuation of the Starship Troopers mythos. It was filled to the brim with blood, gore, non-stop violence and quite a few boob and butt shots. A nice little homage to Paul Verhoeven’s classic.

In the Starship Troopers: Invasion flick they revealed that Johnny Rico had lost an eye. He also managed to grow a beard and pretty much look like a poor man’s rip-off of Solid Snake.

When you see him in the trailer above there’s an undeniable semblance to Kojima’s Punished Snake, also known as Venom Snake, the stand-in doppelganger for the real Big Boss.

The comment section was also quick to point out the influences from Metal Gear Solid, noting that the biggest change came in the form of Dizzy Flores, who now looks like Paz from Metal Gear. Previously, Dizzy was a red head with a fiery temper. But now she’s a blonde with short hair. Even if this is going by the television series based on Rico’s Roughnecks, that Dizzy still had short brown hair. I have no idea where the art design for this new Dizzy comes from but it’s kind of odd.

Additionally, if this is based on the live-action movie series timeline then it makes no sense because… well, not-so-spoiler alert: Dizzy is dead.

Some of the commenters on the video speculated that maybe Rico was having a flashback or a hallucination or maybe Dizzy is an AI in this one. I don’t really know, but it would have been pretty cool if they still used Dina Meyer as the model for Dizzy because she’s still hot.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll get answers as to what’s up with the return of Dizzy, who the traitor of Mars is, and why Rico is slowly turning into Big Boss when the film releases this summer.


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