Sudden Strike 4 PS4 Day One Edition Detailed

Sudden Strike 4

Kalypso Media released a new trailer for Sudden Strike 4 along with a few extra details about the Day One Edition for the PlayStation 4 version of the real-time strategy game. The visually impressive World War II title is set to go live on both the PS4 and PC starting August 11th in Europe, but you can look for it to arrive on retail shelves in North America starting August 15th.

The trailer was accompanied by a press release, which outlined what was present in the Day One Edition. Essentially you’ll receive a digital artbook, a digital soundtrack, a limited edition steelbook, a bonus documentary DVD, a soundtrack CD, a double-sided poster, along with a slipcase designed for the steelbook packaging. You can see what it looks like in real-time with the Day One Edition trailer below.

Now there is some sad news. The U.S., version will not come with the documentary DVD, the soundtrack CD, or the double-sided poster, but you will be able to get those special bonuses if you pick up the limited edition in the U.K., or have it exported from the U.K.

The U.S., version of the game will at least come with the double-sided, reverse slipcovers for those of you interested in Sudden Strike 4’s Day One Edition on both PC or PS4.

The slipcover includes three of the game’s factions highlighted in special artwork for the box, including the U.S., Allied forces, the Russian Red Army, and the German Axis.

Sudden Strike 4 is building up to be a rather surprising entry in the late summer outings for home console and PC. It has all the makings of a mid-budget sleeper hit: fantastic graphics, good looking gameplay, and a solid twist on the RTS standard by including three different campaign modes where you can actually play as the Allied, Soviet or German commanders. A lot of other games are afraid right now to put players into the role of Germans, especially Nazis, given the current furor over Nazism by mainstream media.

Kite Games and Kalypso Media are focused more on historical accuracy and realism than most other titles, so we’ll see how well this goes down with real-time strategy fans when it launches on August 11th for PC and PS4.

For more information on the game feel free to visit the official website.

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