Super Mario Odyssey Video Reveals It Doesn’t Have Hand-Holding
SUper Mario Odyssey

A new gameplay demo for Super Mario Odyssey has been released from the upcoming Nintendo Switch title. During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Nintendo unveiled 13 minutes worth of gameplay footage for the upcoming title.

The gameplay demonstration was featured on IGN, and we learn that there a lot of open-world style meta games featured in Super Mario Odyssey, such as interacting with the Cap Store where you can use the different types of currency you’ve acquired to purchase new outfits and gear. Yes, the game is like Grand Theft Auto where different clothing shops will allow you to outfit Mario in different attire.

The demonstration in the video below focuses on the The Forest Kingdom, a dark forested area that hasn’t been showcased much up until now. You can check it out below.

A couple of standpoint moments include the rabbit from Super Mario 64 making a return, which you can catch and earn a moon emerald for your troubles; and you can journey into some of the secret hidden areas of the Forest Kingdom where you can check out some new locations to explore.

In the video we see how Mario can capture just about everything… including a tree.

One of the things they mention in the video is that there are no obvious hand-holding to lead players around, instead Nintendo wanted people to experiment. One of the ways we see how this emergent gameplay comes into action is when Mario captures an uproot plant and he’s able to reach an all new location by stretching up a tree to access some hard-to-reach places.

They also capture a Fire Bro and use him to beat the crap out of enemies and get further into the compound.

Another thing they reveal is that in order to capture objects their heads must be exposed for Cappy to control them.

Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled to release October 27th for the Nintendo Switch this fall.


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