Telltale’s The Walking Dead Final Season Concludes In 2018
The Walking Dead

The final season for Telltale’s The Walking Dead will take place in 2018. Telltale announced the details during their 14 minute summer overview trailer they released during the San Diego Comic-Con.

A shorter five minute overview trailer was released for Telltale’s take on the series and how they came up with Clementine as the main character and how they plan on concluding the story with clementine in the fourth and final season. You can check out the video below courtesy of MKIceandFire.

They don’t reveal anything about the fourth and final season other than that players will be in control of Clementine this time around as opposed to any other characters like Javier. The only thing they gave hints about was that players will choose what Clementine will do, who Clementine will end up with, and what actions Clementine will take. It definitely leaves you wondering if they will give Clementine a happy ending and if she will find romance and whether it will be hetero or homo? While they insinuated she liked Gabe during the third season, we all know how the industry is very adamant about including “progressive” storylines these days, so it’s a complete toss up.

Anyway, with Telltale wrapping up The Walking Dead they’ll likely have to dip into their well of other titles to compensate for it going away. With the second season of The Wolf Among Us dropping in 2018, I doubt it will compensate for the sales or popularity that Telltale generates from The Walking Dead.

Then again, a lot of fans kind of jumped off the wagon during the second season after Lee Everett died, so maybe they’re calling it quits on this particular franchise while they’re ahead.

I’m almost shocked that they haven’t managed to pick up the Breaking Bad license from AMC, because it would have made for a perfect multi-season adventure title under the Telltale moniker.


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