The End Is Nigh, Apocalyptic Platformer Launches On Steam For $14.99
The End is Nigh

A game set during the rise of Armageddon called The End is Nigh has officially launched on Steam. The budget-priced platformer from Edmund McMillen and Tyler Glaiel is a macabre, fatalistic game that doesn’t really care about making your life miserable as you attempt to time, leap, contemplate and deliberate your way from one dangerous platform to the next.

I can’t help but think about The Watchmen whenever the phrase “the end is nigh” is uttered, but in this case the phrase relates to a game where the end really is nigh. Players take on the role of a blob named Ash who is one of the few “things” that managed to survive the initial stages of the end of the world.

The apocalyptic setting sees Ash attempting to navigate through the pain and suffering hanging of the threads of a dying world like the thin strips of flayed skinned dangling from the back of a self-flagellating priest.

The objective of The End is Nigh is to proceed through a series of increasingly difficult levels. How many levels? Try 600 on for size.

As you make your way through crushing, falling, sinking, desperate situations where you cling to any surface or platform that won’t lead you to a certain death, you’ll also find yourself being beckoned to collect video game cartridges and tumors along the way. Yes, you read that right… tumors.

There are 12 different chapters to unlock, and more than 20 collectible mini-games available through the video game cartridges you pick up during your journey through the remnants of a desolate and apocalyptic future.

The early reviews from users are quite positive so far, so that’s something to look forward to. If you enjoy stress-challenge games like The Binding of Isaac and Super Meatboy, you’ll probably thoroughly enjoy McMillen’s latest masochistic platformer.

You can grab The End is Nigh right now for $14.99 from over on the Steam store, assuming frustration and satisfaction are two things you enjoy going hand-in-hand when you put a little time aside to indulge in interactive entertainment sessions.


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