The Last Birdling Visual Novel Launches On Steam September 1st
The Last Birdling

InvertMouse’s The Last Birdling recently received its official Steam page and an update regarding its release date. According to the Steam post the game is scheduled to launch on September 1st, 2017 on Steam.

According to InvertMouse, there will be new blog posts going up each and every week over the course of the next eight weeks leading up to the release of The Last Birdling. This will be done to help bolster the presence of the game leading up toward release.

The visual novel features dual protagonists and is about the conflict surrounding both their species. The Last Birdling was originally greenlit for Steam back at the end of April earlier this year during the spring.

The story centers around Bimonia and Tayo. Bimonia is a Birdling… one of the last of her kind. Birdlings and humans are sworn enemies. One day while in the woods Bimonia encounters Tayo, a young human archer. Instead of killing each other, the two become friends… even against their better judgment given the blood feud between their species.

The visual novel features various endings and outcomes based on decisions made by the player. There are a total of eight different endings to unlock and multiple routes to get there.

As a visual novel The Last Birdling is stepping into a marketplace steep with competitive output from both indie and mid-budget studios who have either perfected their craft to capture a niche market, or offer a specific demographic exactly what they want out of the visual novel experience.

InvertMouse will likely have to rely on strong word of mouth or strong media support to keep a head above the rest of the competition and noise that dominates the visual novel arena.

If the VN seems like something you might be interested in, you can check out the Steam store page to learn more or add it to your wishlist.


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