The Walking Dead: March To War First Gameplay Trailer Revealed
The Walking Dead March to War

Skybound and Disruptor Beam finally revealed the first actual gameplay trailer for The Walking Dead: March to War, the upcoming mobile strategy game for iOS and Android devices.

The game mixes isometric points of interests with character-oriented decision making and  social micromanagement.

There are various character interactions based on the cast popularized from the comic book and TV show, including Negan, Michonne, Andrea and Carl to name but a few. There are also plenty of locations to visit, team members to recruit and story threads to follow. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the gameplay is like.

It’s no easy going when it comes to playing through the game, though. You’ll have to deal with teammates being attacked and bitten, some of whom will have to have their limbs amputated.

There’s also leveling mechanics to deal with, where each character will have various stats that can be buffed based on their affinity. We get a brief snippet of Carl, where we see his leadership points, his load points, his gather speed and his march speed. Additionally abilities can also be unlocked through the talents category.

The core of the game is actually more of a multiplayer social game, where players will attempt to work with other players in order to build up resources and create an army to fight against other player-ran communities.

Story-wise this game takes place just before volume 20 of the comic book, “All out War”. At the time, the comic centered around Rick and the crew forming alliances in order to fight against Negan, and that’s the theme that they’re going for with The Walking Dead: March to War.

They cover a lot of the different gameplay and thematic elements featured in the mobile title over on the official Disruptor Beam website. If you were curious more about the dilemmas, the soldiers, the counselors and the combat, you can learn more about that in the FAQ-esque post. You can look for The Walking Dead: March to War to launch for mobile devices beginning later this summer.


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