The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Announced For 2018 Release
The Wolf Among Us Season 2

Telltale Games announced that The Wolf Among Us: Season 2 is real; it’s happening. A small amount of die-hard fans have been asking Telltale for a second season of the game, and after a lot of deliberation and contemplation, Telltale obliged… many moons later.

The original first season came out back in 2013, and it’s taken them four years to finally do a second season. It’s likely due to the fact that the sales for The Wolf Among Us is no where near as strong as other Telltale titles.

The news about the second season went live via a trailer that aired during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, which you can check out below courtesy of MKIceandFire.

The announcement was bundled up inside of another longer 14 minute video that Telltale released that centered around all their upcoming projects, including The Walking Dead Season 4 and Batman: The Enemy Within.

The fourth and final season of The Walking Dead will conclude Clementine’s story, where-as Batman: The Enemy Within will pick up where the first season left off after Batman defeated Vicky Vale, who turned out to be Lady Arkham. Batman will face off against The Riddler while more details and character development will take place for the Joker.

As for The Wolf Among Us: Season 2? Well, Telltale didn’t drop any hints or details about the game other than that it will continue where the first season left off, and will continue to unfold the detective story around Bigby and Snow.

For gamers who enjoyed the noir detective tale with the fairy tale twist, they’ll likely want to catch up on the story by playing the first season if there are any intentions on diving into the second season. I’m sure Telltale will also do plenty of recaps since it’s been three years since the first season concluded.


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