Thor Ragnarok SDCC Trailer Gives Off Some Good Fantasy Adventure Vibes
Thor Ragnarok - Buddy Up

The first Thor Ragnarok trailer seemed like a lazily put together piece of marketing trash. It felt like something someone cooked up at the corner of 2:00 am fresh off a small bag of Funyuns and Red Bull, and a countdown timer until the Mafia Mouse’s suits stormed through the office doors at 6:00 am sharp asking – no, demanding – for something to be showcased to the public. The result is that wimpy, barely entertaining trailer we got the first time around.

The second trailer for Thor: Ragnarok feels a lot more authentic, as if the marketing team had time to find out how to put clips together to make people care. The result is that the trailer showcases a movie that has its own voice, and a direction for the fantasy adventure that it wants the audience to accompany it on as it meets its decided end leading up to the Avengers: Infinity War.

The good part about the trailer is that it looks fun, and the whole vibe fused with the dark synthrock soundtrack makes it pop unlike the first trailer. It’s safe to say that the trailer gives off some good fantasy adventure vibes.

The bad part is that it practically spoils the entire movie, including the final ending fight between Thor and Hela, even revealing how he rekindles his lightning powers. No joke, the two and a half minute trailer spoils the whole movie and you can check it out below.

There’s almost no reason at all to watch the film now, but you have to give them props for making that trailer look about as fun as riding a 10-foot high wave on a boogie board while tripped out on LSD.

There are a few standout moments in that trailer that just look like pure cinematic bliss. The Asgardians riding out of the gaping mouth of Valhalla on winged Pegasus while Hela awaits them with certain doom in mind, looks like pure art.

Thor Ragnarok - Fall of Asgard

If the director doesn’t have that framed in his home on a wall somewhere, someone needs to break into the studio, copy that shot from the editing room, get it frame, break into Waititi’s home and hang it up for him. Heck, the only crime that would have been committed in that case is negligence to respect visual epicness.

Whether or not the movie will be as cool as the trailer is a whole other story. The vibe I’m getting is that it’s going to be more like Guardians of the Galaxy and less like Civil War, which is kind of a shame given that the darker tone of the Captain America films really helped raise Marvel’s stock as far as film quality is concerned.

Thor Ragnarok

Anyway, I’m sure a bunch of fan-girls will fan-girl out over seeing more of Tom Hiddelston; the Social Justice Warriors will sing to the high social media heavens, praises and adulation for having a “diverse” cast; parents will be happy to take their kiddies to a two hour flick filled with enough occillating colors to keep their little brats quiet; and normal people might find themselves enjoying a meh-out-of-10 Marvel flick that recycles a formula that the MCU seems to have cornered and mastered since 2008.

Oh yeah… and that song in the trailer? Magic Sword “In the Face of Evil“. It’s epic.

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