Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Video Showcases Vehicular Gameplay

Uncharted The Lost Legacy

With the August release of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy fast approaching, Naughty Dog unleashed 13 extra minutes of gameplay. The gameplay demonstration features Chloe having the option of choosing which location she can visit, as well as some vehicular gameplay.

Much like Uncharted 4, players will have some vehicle gameplay to keep themselves entertained while trekking across the large scale maps. Unlike the previous Uncharted titles, players will have a semi-open world to explore. Each of the main temples that players will explore in India are all situated on one giant map, as you can see in the video below.

Chloe and Nadine drive the jeep through the jungle until they reach an outpost with some evil mercs.

Chloe goes the silent route, taking a silenced pistol after taking down a guard.

There are a variety of guards patrolling the area, but we see how Chloe can use combo stealth moves to clear out the patrol. It’s a lot more seamless than what was in Uncharted 4, which took a more disjointed approach to the stealth, forcing players to wait and plod through the enemies instead of having entertaining encounters.

In between the gunfights and fisticuffs players will have to overcome platforming challenges and solve puzzles, including using the jeep to pull open a temple-like door.

After attempting to platform across to another ledge, Chloe falls into the water. Players get to do just a little bit of spelunking before doing some more platforming.

The calm moments don’t last long, though. Eventually Chloe goes Rambo on a group of guys using an assault rifle.

The platforming and adventuring reminds me of what Tomb Raider used to be. The game moves along at a decent enough pace with a mix of puzzles, combat and platforming keeping things interesting.

Had Naughty Dog not gone full SJW, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy could end up being a really fun entry in the series. It definitely seems better paced than the borefest that was Uncharted 4, where you would go long stretches not doing much but climbing moss or some boring rock surface; and the gunplay and stealth feel a bit more structured and fun compared to the sluggish design in UC4. It’s a shame that Druckmann and Naughty Dog drunk the Kool-Aid because The Lost Legacy could have been a good game.

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