Visual Novel Engine Lets You Create Your Own VN Game

Visual novels are very popular and if you happen to be a part of that large crowd seeking to create your own VN, you will be able to do so without having to learn any complex code thanks to the newly released free Visual Novel Engine. The Local Group and Qberty’s VN engine is out now for free on Steam Early Access.

Visual novels can reach a lot of people given the amount of themes that can be demonstrated throughout said genre. If you happen to be fascinated with the whole VN side of gaming and wish to make your very own without it being overly complex, you just might have a go-to tool in the form of┬áThe Local Group and Qberty’s Visual Novel Engine.

“Create, share, and play visual novels without needing ANY programming skills!”

That’s right, the short description for the VN tool or engine sums up most of its core features concisely. However, you can also download other visual novels from other people, save them, play on or offline and then load your previous save to continue your last session.

The devs behind the visual novel tool implemented multi-platform and cross-platform support in that you can run the game the same across Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. Additionally, all visual novels created on a platform will work (supposedly) on all other platforms seamlessly.

Furthermore, the visual novel maker lets you create your very own DLCs and other add-on expansions so that you can tell your story in parts or around your personal schedule. Upon purchasing another person’s DLC or expansion will support that developer who created said DLC/expansion.

Below is a list of stills showing the visual novel maker and how the whole tool works. I should note that you can upload your own images, sounds and other custom content to make your VN that much better, as seen below.

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Visual Novel Engine is out now for free via Steam Early Access. You can learn more about the tool/engine by heading on over to


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