War Tech Fighters, Mecha Action Game Gains New Trailer

Featured on this site not too long ago, Green Man Gaming Publishing and Drakkar Dev have a new trailer for you to look over regarding their mecha action game: War Tech Fighters. Slated to release “soon” on Steam Early Access, War Tech Fighters is set to hit PC.

War Tech Fighters is an action game that draws inspiration from early 3D mecha games, while at the same time mixing a variety of gameplay mechanics and camera angles from other titles too. The indie game is set to release sometime soon, but while we wait for the devs to set an official release date a new video is up for fans and gamers alike to watch.

The video covers a portion of War Tech Fighters‘ story, which the game sees players assuming the role of many characters in the game. Some of the characters are noted to be War Tech Pilots, while others have very different roles.

According to the devs, players will mostly follow Captain Nathan Romanis of the Hebos fleet. Speaking of Capt. Romanis, the devs just released a new trailer (as noted above) that focuses on another individual of the Hebos fleet named Isadora Alvez.

You can watch the new trailer below, which the video comes in by Green Man Gaming Publishing.

If you want to see an older trailer showing even more gameplay and story elements of War Tech Fighters, you can watch the combat trailer below.

It’s worth noting that players will be able to configure, level, upgrade and customize different War Tech machines and then dive into battle to fight with the very changes applied.

War Tech Fighters is set to release sometime soon for PC via Steam Early Access. Additional information on this mecha action game can be found by heading on over to drakkardev.com.

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