Warframe Cinematic Preps For The Sacrifice
Warframe The Sacrfice

A new cinematic trailer for Warframe has surfaced to coincide with the upcoming Plains of Eidolon update. The trailer is called “The Sacrifice” and centers around the concept of miracles requiring a sacrifice.

The trailer starts with a helmet on the ground, walls and pillars are crumbling around it. We then get to hear a voice over asking would you sacrifice your life for theirs? And also mentioning that all miracles require a sacrifice.

We then get to see a Prime of Excalibur hopping down onto a platform where a katana is wedged into the rock. The Prime grabs the katana.

The cinematic doesn’t really do much to explain what’s in store for the Tenno, but it appears to be the beginning of Digital Extremes’ promotional roadtrip for the upcoming Plains of Eidolon expansion.

The developers have completely overhauled the gameplay for Warframe, opening up the stages to offer gamers an open-world an adventure for the very first time.

Players will also be able to pick up missions from within the city area, where NPCs will give out missions and players can then head out into the field to complete those missions. They’re also looking to add in weapon crafting, allowing players to create their own weapons by collecting parts, crafting the parts and then putting them together.

Different weapon parts allow you to create different kinds weapon types, and this also allows players to change the fighting stances for their characters. This is a drastically new way to play the game and offer tons of replayability. The weapon crafting also sports parts I’ve never seen before in Warframe, so you won’t just be recreating the cool weapons that are already on the table. This could end up being a huge thing for the game because players are going to be spending hours gathering parts and making all sorts of crazy new weapons, and naming them.

It won’t be long before this update drops and we’ll see how well Warframe fares when it’s going up against Destiny 2 this September.


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