Warframe Guide: Here’s How To Get Harrow And Complete His Quest

Digital Extremes has released a new Warframe named Harrow and his quest the Chains of Harrow, and if you are in search of this Warframe hopefully this guide will help you out. The third-person looter shooter is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you are in search of the priest-themed Warframe this guide aims to help you in retrieving all of his parts through the latest quest: Chains of Harrow. The Warframe whose main Blueprint can be unlocked through a new Red Veil quest can be seen below, with the video guide coming in courtesy of YouTuber iFlynn.

After completing the quest and obtaining the Blueprint for Harrow, the rest of his parts can be found around and about the Star-Chart by participating in specific missions to retrieve his Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems. The first of the three parts, his helmet, can be found on the mission node Pago in the Kuva Fortress. The second part standing to be his Chassis can be found as a drop item from Corrupted Void Fissure enemies, and his Systems can be found on Defection missions.

Harrow Resources and Parts

Harrow Blueprint: Completing Chains of Harrow quest

  • Neuroptics – 1
  • Chassis – 1
  • Systems – 1
  • Kuva – 2,000

Harrow Neuroptics: Pago, Kuva Fortress

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Rubedo – 1,500
  • Polymer Bundle – 4,000
  • Plastids – 2,000
  • Neural Sensors – 5

Harrow Chassis: Drop from Corrupted Void Fissure enemies

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Alloy Plate – 20,000
  • Salvage – 25,000
  • Oxium – 800
  • Orokin Cell – 5

Harrow Systems: Defection missions

  • Credits – 15,000
  • Circuits – 2,500
  • Cryotic – 1,000
  • Ferrite – 25,000
  • Control Module – 15

Now that you know how to obtain Harrow and his parts, below lies his official introductory profile video that covers each of his four abilities and how to use them on the field. The video comes in by PlayWarframe‘s channel.

More information can be found regarding Harrow by hitting up the game’s official Wikia page. Warframe is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.