Witchkin Demo Video Taps Into Old-School Film Horror

Coven Games’ Witchkin is upcoming horror title that currently has a demo available. A new 13 minute gameplay video was released that gives gamers an idea as to what the horror title is like and what they can expect from the game.

YouTuber Nokzen did a quick Let’s Play of the demo for Witchkin, capturing all the necessary tidbits to make you either like the game or hate it. You can check out the video below.

The demo starts with players getting a cursory bit of info about what they have to do and what they should look out for.

It’s a first-person horror title where you’re defenseless and you can either run or hide. Running is done with Shift and crawling under objects is done with the Ctrl button.

You can use the binaural sound to listen for footsteps for the creepy doll monster moving around the hallways, or you can peep through the keyhole to see if it’s roaming just outside the door.

The game has an old reel projector look to it, with a sort of gauzy filter to give it a grainy look. As far as aesthetics are concerned, Witchkin at least has a style all its own, even if it’s fairly derative of the Slender Man or P.T. Demo style horror setup.

The object of the game seems to be to explore the old haunted house and get keys to escape.

The creepy doll thing actually roams the house autonomously, and so it’s imperative to actually keep the doors closed and hold your breath or avoid making noises.

Witchkin avoids the teleportation effect that some horror monsters utilize in games, such as Tattletale or Alien: Isolation where the aliens/creature/etc., would teleport to nearby your location in order to keep the thrills intact.

If you’re into horror games like Amnesia or Penumbra, it seems like Witchkin will be a game up your alley.

A few of the neat tricks employed to add tension and frantic elements of thrills to the pot is the fact that creaky floorboards, objects on the ground and any other interactions that create noise will be your biggest enemy, as they will alert the creepy doll to your location.

The full version of Witchkin is due for release later this year, likely around the time of Halloween.


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