Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Video Shows Lackluster Gameplay And Plenty Of Swastikas
Wolfenstein 2
(Last Updated On: September 3, 2017)

A new 48 minute gameplay video has popped up for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. The video covers the Roswell mission where BJ has to plant a nuclear bomb inside of a Nazis ice cream shop.

The video starts with the diversity rebellion plotting ways to destabilize America by detonating an atom bomb in the heart of the country. Basically, players are working with terrorists to destroy America in order to regain it from the Nazi invasion. You can check out the video below from Gamer’s Little Playground.

There’s only about two actual minutes of gameplay within the first 14 minutes. The crazy part is that the small amounts of gameplay isn’t even really gameplay, just a rail segment. Also, there’s plenty of Swastikas in the game, so I’m sure Michael Condrey from Sledgehammer games and the upcoming Call of Duty: WW2 got really triggered.

At the 14:30 mark you finally get to play after listening to that annoying lawyer for what feels like forever.

A staple of the gameplay seems to be that majority of the “good guy” terrorists other than BJ and his wife will be the most annoying characters featured in a video game released in 2017. The retard with the smashed in head and the LSD junkie are two very unfunny comedic relief characters, and then there’s the Jewish scientist, the Nazis fat lady, and the loud mouthed black lady. This game couldn’t rundown the checklist of tokens fast enough.

Anyway, the actual hardcore shooting doesn’t really get underway until the 16 minute mark. If the rest of the game plays out anything like the Roswell mission, then you’ll be spending almost as much time watching cinematics as you will actually playing the game. And they aren’t even good cinematics.

The actual gunplay is identical to what was in Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood. So if you’re familiar with the sort of run-and-gun ironsight gameplay from the previous games, you’ll be right at home with the gameplay here.

Also, what did they do to BJ’s face?


It looks like he got hit with the retard stick. He went from looking like a tough badass to a bug-eyed Aryan reject.

If you enjoy Call of Duty style shooters you’ll definitely enjoy Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. It has the same sort of gameplay loops and not much else. You can look for Wolfenstein: The New Colossus to launch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting October 27th.

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  • Phasmatis75

    At this point I think Bethesda knows they’ve screwed up. They’re sending this game out the door Titanfall 2 style. Two major releases before hand, two major releases next month. Already the media is calling it a Trump supporter killing simulator (not those exact words yet but give them time).

    If the media blows this up into a huge thing it’s going to be a PR nightmare for Bethesda. Honestly after Evil Within 2 I don’t think I’ll be supporting them anymore. Their games have become increasingly horrible as they’ve shoved more progressivism into them.

  • LurkerJK

    Sigh, i was hoping for this to be one of the few good games this year

    The first game was a bit heavy handed with the story but managed to be very fun to play

    This game … jeez, you can see the sjw goo all over it… for example wtf is up with the fat german woman?
    She appears in the middle of a freaking submarine assault, could not fit the scene any less and seems to be there only so that the bad guy can fatshame her for several minutes… twice … in the same cutscene (she joins the rebels btw, im sure her fatshamming is something that will continue the entire game until she kills the endboss by herself at the end with a ninja kick to the face and everyone comments on how wonderful she really is)…
    why does that character even exist ? why?


  • durka durka

    The person playing cant aim for shit and he is playing on pc, stop aiming down the sights damn it,. always switches weapons becuase he runs out of ammo.

  • Mr.Towel

    Heh, I was giving them the benefit of the doubt but shit is looking worse at each new info.

    Their cheap tropes could work if they went Tarantino on their character but it doesn’t seem to be the case, it seems is just shitty writing. What a fucking waste.

  • John27

    The game was made in Sweden, what do you expect? All that’s missing is B.J. getting anally raped by a Somali.

    • RichardGristle

      That’s DLC.

  • s_fnx

    Calling it now: Wolfenstein The New Colossus is going to win GOTY and be praised about its diversity and the fact that you can kill Nazi Alt-righters from 1960.

    • Phasmatis75

      Well they’re already praising it for the second thing.

  • anopolis

    did they put Maxine waters in the game?…kinda looks like her…if it is her she better just stand around and say whacky stuff…that would be awesome

  • Azrin
    • s_fnx

      Looks like this will be SJW’s new favorite game.

      • durka durka

        and all it took was a line of dialogue, and this is his favorite “video game thing”

        Wow just wow, are they even gamers? The funny thing is that the main character who does all the work is a straight white male, very masculine and proud American…oh wait they crippled him. Now he is a disabled person.

        • a straight white male, very masculine and proud American…oh wait they crippled him. Now he is a disabled person.

          They also took some of the testosterone out of him. He’s no longer quite as gung-ho as he used to be so that the Diversity Danger Division could swoop in help him save America.

    • RichardGristle

      Don’t know who Nick Robinson is but he seems like a huge faggot.

      That game blows.

    • durka durka

      Jesus, the comments in polygon are still cancer. Literaly everyone who doenst agree with them is a nazi.

      I repeat what i said though, its them who try to push their ideology with violence not the right. The nazis did not accept muslims blowing up stuff, they accept it though and try to justify it blaming the western world for it.

      The nazis showed no sympathy to them and the communists showed no sympathy towards anyone who doesnt promote their propaganda… TO THE GULAG.

      But as normal people have to tolarate them, nope free helocopter rides.

    • durka durka



      Why do we even bother those people are way up in their first world progressive asses to understand everything.

      • Well that further helps explain SJWatch.

      • RichardGristle

        Muh alt-right!

        Dense bitch works for nu-Blizzard so it’s no surprise to see that level of stupidity. They tend to hire a lot of retards these days.

      • Phasmatis75

        Because it’s illegal to kill or lock them up. People like this used to be shunned from proper society, now they’re running the place.

  • RichardGristle

    Eh, I don’t know, it looks like more of the same as the previous two games. With a story and cast of characters that so far does absolutely nothing for me, I think I’ll just sit it out until it’s a sub-$10 Steam sale game.

    And lol @ them apparently mixing up Max Hass’ model with B.J.’s.

  • The Duder

    Definitely more interested in main game after reading what they are offering in the season pass. But I’m worried that they will ruin BJ, even kill off him at the end so they will replace him with one of the supporting cast or turn him in to a Nazi that will make Marvel blush.

    Whatever the outcome, they might screw themselves having this game out on the same release date as Super Mario Odyssey and Assassin’s Creed Origins. If they are going to be put in SJW elements, they might want to look into the past as those games don’t usually sell so well.

    • With his wife being pregnant, it’s definitely looking as if he’s going to be killed off so you can take over as one of the many other “diverse” supporting cast mates, or maybe even end up playing his kid. Don’t be surprised if the next game ends up like Far Cry, with climbable towers and compounds you have to free from Nazi control.

    • RichardGristle

      Who the fuck cares what happens to B.J.? Let him die and let the series go down in flames.

      Maybe they’ll make more Doom single player content then.

      • tajlund

        Then they’ll just target Doom with SJW shit. They don’t stop, no matter how many franchises they flush. They just move on to the next. The end game is 100% compliance with their demands. If there are no games left, well, that’s still 100% in their minds.