WRC 7 Trailer Teases New Epic Stages Spanning 13 Rally Tracks

A new teaser trailer from the FIA World Rally Championship racing title WRC 7 has been released for the upcoming game due out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The trailer is just over a minute long, teasing various “Epic Stages” that will be in the game that include 13 different rally races on supposedly “realistic special stages”

According to Alain Jarniou, Kylotonn’s game director, he explained what they were going for with the game, and why these stages are classified as “Epic”, stating in the press release…

“The idea of WRC 7’s Epic Stages is really to response to fans of rallying and WRC who for several years have been asking us for tracks that are longer and closer to a real rally experience,”


“These special stages, which are longer than 20 km and last for more than 15 minutes of gameplay, are certain to test the players’ endurance. It’s also interesting to find all these different conditions in one single, solitary special stage,”

Longer than 15 minutes? Well, that means it’s like doing a lap and a half of Nurburgring in a GT sports car. Of course, no one cares about comparisons and track measurements, most of you just want to see what they look like being tore up and raced on by some of the most powerful and endearing rally car machines on the face of the planet. So without further ado, here is the WRC 7 “Epic Stages” teaser trailer.

Just like what Jarniou mentioned in the quote, there are tracks like the Rally Guanajuato Mexico race that spans 18.4km, consisting entirely of slippery gravel.

Also, I just need to say that the clips of this game… they almost look photorealistic. If the graphics really are that good then I have to seriously tip my hat off to Kylotonn for their visual achievements with WRC 7.

However, there is a minor gripe: the physics. The car seemed to move as if it were on rails. The mixture of real-life rally races and in-engine visuals threw me off for a bit, but the way I could tell that we were seeing in-engine footage was that the car had too much traction coming into the apex, and way too much grip coming out of the turn, with too little drag. The body should have been swinging more on acceleration during the apex; not stabilizing.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll get to see more of WRC 7 and the 13 different “Epic Stages” when the game readies for launch this autumn on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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