WWE 2K18 Coming To Nintendo Switch, Won’t Be Gimped

WWE 2K18 Nintendo Switch

WWE and Nintendo have announced that the upcoming WWE 2K18 will be making a return to the Nintendo Switch this October. This is the first time a WWE 2K game has been on the Switch since WWE 2K13 from nearly five years ago. The game will apparently be a fully featured title and it won’t be gimped the way the Wii version of WWE games were gimped compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

The announcement came via a quick minute long video from current WWE superstar, Seth Rollins. You can check out the quick video below.

But that isn’t all. There is also some new info on the Road To Glory online multiplayer mode for custom characters.

The details on the mode were dropped by DenkOps, who offered gamers a nice slathering of information regarding the new feature. You can check out the five minute video below detailing the new mode.

One of the things they announced was that your WWE created superstar will attempt to make their way through the WWE universe, competing in events and special attractions all so that you can carve a path toward the Hall of Fame, where your character will be immortalized forever. It sounds interesting but I still haven’t figured out why it needs to be online only?

DenkOps sort of feels the same way, especially in regards to playing special events while they happen in real life. Apparently you can earn bonus achievements during real life pay-per-views, Hall of Fame events, and other special occasions taking place within WWE.

According to DenkOps, they also revealed that WWE 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch won’t be a gimped version compared to the Xbox One and PS4. I don’t know how true that will be given that the Switch is definitely powerful for a portable device but in portable mode it’s only a fraction of the power of the PS4. So I’m curious how they plan on scaling the game for the portability. A sub-720p resolution perhaps? Disabling of shaders? Removal of reflections? It’ll be interesting to see how they fix that.

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