Yomawari: Midnight Shadows, Survival Horror Game Coming To PS4, PS Vita, Steam
Yomawari Midnight Shadows

Yomawari: Midnight Shadows from NIS America has a release date set for October 24th, 2017 in North America and October 27th, 2017 in Europe. The survival-horror game is due out for PS4, PS Vit and Steam.

The single-player adventure was announced for a Western release during this year’s Anime Expo 2017 event, and NIS America rolled out the intro trailer featuring the two lead characters, Yui and Haru.

The premise of the game is actually somewhat unique and creative despite being fairly simple. Players take on the role of Yui and Haru as they go to see the evening fireworks at the edge of town on the mountain clearing. After the fireworks end the town is blanketed in an odd darkness, enveloping every inch.

The two girls end up getting separated and this is where players come in: the objective is to navigate town as the girls and find their way back to one another, and then find a way back home.

It sounds like a pretty simple task, but the darkness has left the town empty and frightening, and worse yet is that the girls aren’t alone… but it’s not humans who are in their presence.

Majority of the game will focus on isometric exploration, moving through the streets and using the flashlight to examine various corners and crevices.

Additionally, players will be able to enter into buildings and attempt to find out why the town is so dark and where everyone has gone.

The mystery aspect thrown in with the horror elements really adds to the game, giving players a bit of a reason to do more than just run and hide from whatever it is terrorizing the town.

Some scenarios will even see the view change and players will get to explore from a more traditional JRPG perspective, scouring the hand-painted environments with aplomb.

I’m not sure how well this game will be able to retain attention and gain an audience in today’s competitive marketplace, but it looks like something outside the norm that might appeal to gamers seeking something different, whether that be on Steam, PS4 or the PlayStation Vita.

You can keep track of new assets for Yomawari: Midnight Shadows by visiting the official website.


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