Ancient Frontier, First Gameplay Footage Of Strategy Space Opera Surfaces
Ancient Frontier
(Last Updated On: August 29, 2017)

Indie developers, Fair Weather Studios, have released the first full gameplay session of Ancient Frontier, the upcoming 4x grand strategy game where you explore, examine, expand and exterminate all in your path across two separate campaigns that span more than 50 hours of gameplay with full voice acting and up to four hours of audio.

The new gameplay video is well over 11 minutes and features a look at the game’s turn-based combat mechanics, along with some of the RPG elements that will be applicable during the single-player campaign.

You can check out the video below that was posted up on the Fair Weather Studios channel.

The video starts with the player in command of a handful of ships. The objective is to uncover the fog of war and expand your scanning range in the current sector.

The gameplay is from one of the main single-player missions, and it involves scouting the sector for enemy forces.

As is typical for a campaign mission, one of the conditions for victory is that two of your ships must survive, so you must utilize your fleet wisely to keep certain units safe from enemy attacks.

The first couple of minutes is just jockeying for position, and aligning the forces for tactical field advantage.

You can use various ally buffs and booster skills to give your side a winning edge in the fight.

As you can see in the video, the optional objective of the mission is to kill the enemy forces, but the main objective is to scout the whole sector. So technically you don’t have to kill all the baddies to win the round.

The full game will be an unforgiving experience, featuring permadeath for the ships under your command, up to 35 different ships to have in your fleet, customizable skills from a fully detailed tech tree, along with all the basic resource gathering and map exploration that you would expect from a 4x game.

You can keep track of the development of the title by visiting the Steam store page. Ancient Frontier is due for release on September 21st, 2017.

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