Another World Limited Edition Vinyl Soundtrack Available August 18th

Another World OST

One of the most iconic games ever made, Another World (also known as Out of this World) will receive a special edition soundtrack re-release via CD, vinyl and digitally for MP3 players and other compatible devices starting August 18th.

It was announced that after 26 years, the special edition soundtrack will be re-released physically for gamers to get their hands on featuring fully remastered music by French composer Jean-François Freitas. The music is all based on the original music that appeared in Éric Chahi’s masterpiece when it first appeared on Amiga back in 1991, along with the iconic songs that helped shape the story for its appearance on the 3DO and PC.


The CD cover features a render of the game, where one of the inhabitants from the other world is facing off on a cliff side against one of the quadrupeds in the game. The art is designed to mimic the aesthetic of the original game from back in the 1990s, but with a bit more classic hand-painted detail to help bring it all to life. The CD OST features the black panther-like creature on the CD looking fierce.

The vinyls on the other hand come in either orange or black. Unfortunately the physical stock for the U.S., edition of the vinyls are already sold out, but you can still have them imported from the U.K., if you’re really up for it.

Out of this world
Out of this world

On the front cover of side A we have the main character raising his hand in a peace sign. On side B we have the alien he befriends, and one of the captives that help free the enslaved people in the game.

It’s no cheap purchase, though. You’ll have to put down €60.00 for the black and orange bundle that also comes with the CD and a code for the digital version of the OST. If you just want the CD you can plop down a measly little €12.00.

If you’re interested in learning more about the re-release of the original soundtrack for Another World be sure to visit the Limited Run store page. If you forgot what the theme song sounded like, just grab a listen below. It’s easily one of the most memorable songs from a game made back in the early 1990s. A true standout. The 3DO and Sega-CD versions definitely had the best music, though.

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