Astral Traveler, 3D Racing Survival Game Announced
Astral Traveler

Canadian developer Kevin Giguere and Turkish developer Bora Genel have teamed up to work on a new endless-runner style survival racing game for PC called Astral Traveler. It’s a game about racing through looping, twisting, turning, challenging, obstacle-filled tracks while blasting down enemies and phasing through pulsars to get faster.

The game was announced alongside the release of the announcement trailer, which features a minute’s worth of gameplay set to a song that sounds like your typical Two Steps from Hell theme. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what they’re working on.

Astral Traveler reminds me a lot of the classic freeware game Sky Roads, which came out back in 1993 on PC. It was part of the new-wave of gaming made by indie developers who were pushing various genres in different directions outside of the norm. Heck, you could say that Sky Roads was one of the very first endless runners made.

In the case of Astral Traveler, the game is lightning fast, much like Chaos Ride, where you keep attempting to get faster and faster on your way toward the finish line.

You’ll have 47 sectors to race through across five different nebula biomes, and you’ll not only have to master the platforming tactics required to avoid dying, but there are also enemies you’ll have to shoot down along the way.

This isn’t one of those games trying to be a huge blockbuster hit, but it is designed to give you some good entertainment for about $5.

There isn’t too much more to the game than what’s described above, so it all depends on whether or not you’re into what’s presented above. You will also have leaderboards you can attempt to conquer, but most times hackers and cheaters dominate those. You can check out some more screenshots of Astral Traveler over on the official website or you can visit the Steam store page ahead of the September 13th release date if you want to learn more about the game.


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