Battalion 1944 Third Playable Alpha Set For August 18th

Battalion 1944 is a PvP first-person shooter set during the second world war. Gamers looking to play the game published by Square Enix and developed by Bulkhead Interactive will be able to do so early through an upcoming alpha test set for August 18th. The FPS game is set to release across PC sometime soon and consoles much later.

The devs behind Battalion 1944 plan to add dedicated server browsers, LAN support, community modding, team based ranked stats, and competitive matchmaking to the game, but before adding all of the that the team is looking for your help.

In addition to the above, a list of changes were made to weapons, movement, maps and much more. This means that extreme testing must be done before shipping the game out for the public to consume and can only be done through alpha tests. The latest alpha test (alpha 3) is set to drop this weekend on Friday, August 18th and will end on August 20th.

“Battalion 1944’s third Alpha Weekend is coming on Friday August 18th-20th starting at 6PM. Watch for info on some of the bigger changes you can expect to see!”

Joining the above announcement of a playable alpha build of Battalion 1944 comes a new video explaining and showing some new stuff that will be featured in the FPS game. The video covers quite a bit in a short package and then some, thanks to Bulkhead Interactive YouTube channel.

There is no telling if the game will go the same route as Heroes & Generals with Square Enix abandoning ship when the game goes down hill, or if the publisher will stick it out even to the bitter end. With that said, it’ll be interesting to see how Battalion 1944 will fair against other FPS WW2 titles like Call of Duty: WW2 and Hell Let Loose? Only time will tell if this title will be a hit or miss.

If you want more information on this very game you can hit up its Steam page or its official website.


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