Beetle Uprising, Bug Strategy Simulator Coming To PC This Month

Beetles are creatures that some like and others hate. If you happen to be a part of the former group and love them you are in luck: A new RTS game lets you create, manage and defend beetles in an upcoming RTS simulator called Beetle Uprising. The PC game by Iocane Games is set to drop sometime this month.

Graphically it’s not one of the best RTS games to hit the market, but it does attempt to rekindle the dying bug strategy sim scene that was most popular during the 1990’s and early 2000’s. The description reads…

“Breed for stats, looks, and abilities; then use your creations to dominate the entire vacant lot in this RTS/Genetic Simulation. Use fluid “swarm” combat tactics to gain control of resources vital to your colony’s expansion and secure a genetic future for your swarm.”

The game is currently garnering mixed reactions on social media, but that is to be expected seeing that the low budget indie game is still in development and hasn’t hit the gaming scene yet. In other words, there is still time to fix graphical and other mechanical issues present before the game is ready to be consumed by the public.

The current state of the game can be seen below that shows strategic planning, beetle creation, territorial battles, and much more. The video comes in courtesy of YouTuber DT Gaming.

Beetle Uprising wouldn’t quite be a proper RTS without the ability to accelerate or stop time to manage your colony to see each beetle prosper. Speaking of individual beetles and watching them grow, each beetle you raise flaunts its very own abilities and stats which opt for a variety of offensive, defensive and unique builds.

Beetle Uprising focuses on strategic planning and positioning, meaning that it’s not just about which areas to conquer, but what type of beetle to send out and which beetle should stay and defend to keep the colony safe.

The PC game, Beetle Uprising, by Iocane Games is set to drop sometime this month (August). Additional information on this game can be found over on its Steam page or on